• BigLittleWolf says

      I think it does, Pj. I think as we grow older and we understand more about limitations and consequences, risking failure becomes more difficult. And of course, we must risk failure if we’re to chase our dreams. Read Bruce’s post this week on courage. It’s quite beautiful. (

  1. says

    Wow, beautiful. I feel your vulnerability and thank you for exposing your feelings and emotions. It is small sacrifices we make but he will make you proud. He knows…
    Love the descriptions of the desk clerk and her own dreams – we never stop dreaming. Even single mothers with no more children under our roofs.

  2. Linda says

    “I remind myself that this is independence, not abandonment.” I think this needs to become my new mantra. What is it about South Park and boys? My son loves this show!

    I loved your description of walking through the college corridors. While back east this summer I found myself in awe of the universities and would just run my hand along the bricks of these institutions, mesmerized by the beauty.

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    Lots of evidence that those with healthy dreams survive better than those who have given up on them. My “dream” that got me through some hard times was to help my kids grow up successfully, meet some interesting people and learn and have some good sex, and find the right woman. I’m grateful that those dreams all came true. Fran’s dreams can be a bit more extreme, e.g., sell everything, buy a boat and sail around the world. But she can be realistic – she barely swims, often nearly drowns, and couldn’t do all her other things on a little boat in the middle of the ocean. I recognize that she has not been able to fulfill her dream of restoring a historic house, and I adjusted my dream of a stone cottage on land, conveniently located and with a fireplace, some time ago (these things are way too expensive, and a tent can be a movable feast). I rarely have opportunity to canoe or sail any more. But we can satisfy mutual dreams such as finding a partner who enjoys backpacking, foraging, natural foods, debate, new experiences and interesting people, is not controlling or insecure, etc. My Mom dreams of being with family at the beach in the summer and going in the water. That one comes true annually – at 101 this year. So, dream on!

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    I agree with Linda. I love this line: “I remind myself that this is independence, not abandonment.”

    Makes my heart sink to imagine seeing my little ones off to college. How exciting that he wants to be an architect! Oh for everyone in this post, my hope is for the dreams to become reality.

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