Art Interpretation, With Love

Wisdom – at the crossroads of art, philosophy, and parenting.

Refilling the Well

Creativity, inspiration, and refilling the well that keeps us going.

Florence… Move Over, Brady Bunch. Make Room for David.

A vicarious thrill, as a parent and an art lover.

What Do You Collect?

Personal collections reflect who we are at a point in time.

Quality Control

The importance of quality, and what we give up to achieve it.

Art Auctions: Appalled, Astonished, Amused

Have a spare million? Art auctions amaze with record-breaking sales.

Ten Uphill Observations (for Jonathan Borofsky)

Impressions after an art exhibit on a long walk uphill.

Bijoux of the Provençal Market

What’s more beautiful than an outdoor market in Provence? By Heather Robinson.

Artful Amusement

Experiencing art… any way we can.

Tower Envy?

The height of beauty in art or architecture? To my mind, size doesn’t matter.