Tattoo Follow-up: Pro Piercing?

Somehow in my mind, tattoos and piercings are linked. And the tattoo talk has been so interesting! Plenty of celebrities have jumped on the tattooing and piercing bandwagon. So how about some follow-up questions to those who indulge or enjoy this practice?

Tattoo and piercing link?

Scarlett Johansson is just one  of many celebs who are into piercings (image courtesy I would love to know:

  • Those of you who are pro tat, are you also pro piercing?
  • Do you have multiple piercings – ears, nose, e-t-c-e-t-e-r-a?
  • If so, where and at how many do you stop?
  • Did you get tattoos and piercings at the same time?
  • Do you coordinate your tattoos and piercings?
  • Do you make a distinction between lobe piercings on a man versus an abundance of other holy-owned-accessories?
  • Would you date a pierced man or woman?
  • Does it depend upon the latitude, longitude, and tally of aforementioned piercings?
  • Are some piercings particularly sexy?
  • Any hidden advantages I simply may not have noticed?
  • Any kid / teen piercing tales to tell?

Multiple facial piercings from My First Mister, courtesy

Yes indeed… facial and other piercings?

Inquiring (tat-less, traditionally-pierced) minds want to know.

Oh! And though you may feel like tattling, don’t poke holes in all my illusions at once…



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  1. Ginger Magnolia says

    I’m still surprised that I was the only person who has a tattoo to comment on the earlier post…

    Even though I have a tat (a very small one), I don’t have any piercings other than one hole in each ear. Piercings don’t really bother me, unless they’re like the ones in that photo. The guy I mentioned in the other post with the tattoos had his ears pierced with small hoops, and they didn’t bother me. He’s the only man I’ve been with with piercings.

    One thing, though – nipple piercings on men are one of the grossest things I can think of, and I don’t even know why they skeeve me out so much, they just do.

    Having said that, do what you want to your own body!

  2. says

    I wrote a column about this, too and got on the bad side, because of it, of some tattooing site. I think “kids” that go overboard on this are just foolish. We all change our minds about everything at young ages, let alone later. Most piercings can heal themselves but the tats are very hard to erase and very painful. Isn’t there better ways to express yourself that are less permanent? Oh, well, I’m just an old baby-boomer.

  3. says

    I’ve got one hole per ear and they don’t see much action. ;). I’m not much for jewelry. Piercings in non-normal places kinda freak me out, so I’m not sure I’d date anyone pierced up, but, hey, whatever floats your boat is your business! A tattoo or two doesn’t bother me, but anything too big or obvious is a bit of a turn-off. I’m definitely a less-is-more type gal!

  4. says

    Eeeeewwww! on the photo of all those piercings. Yuck!
    And, ooooh la la! Jimmy Smits! Wow! I loved LA Law…then life hit! LOL!

    Not a piercing girl here except for the one in each ear. I especially hate the one that people get in the nose. You know, the diamond one that always ends up looking like a little sparkly zit just ready to be popped? Yeah, so not me.


  5. says

    That picture above… seriously looks like it hurts! What’s the odd’s that something bad would happen. Like… I don’t know. Sleeping? What if you got into a fight. what if you kissed, and braces no longer became the issue?

    I’m a simple guy. I prefer beauty that is natural. Everything else kind of fits into the cosmetic surgery.

  6. says

    “Be careful what you tell your teenagers they can do when they turn 18.”

    That was the warning a an aunt of mine sent out when my cousin turned 18 several years ago. I guess my aunt wouldn’t sign permission slips for any of my cousin’s piercings. She always said that when she turned 18 she could sign her own slips. On that day my cousin did just that. I hear she got several rather personal piercings. :-)

  7. says

    Just have to say – the picture of the teenage girl with all the piercings is from a film, “My First Mister.”

    The actress is LeLe Sobieski, who plays the troubled 17-year old. All those piercings – which look very real – are faked. (I couldn’t stomach the “real” piercing pictures I saw. Knowing that these were faked made it a bit easier for me to use the image.)

  8. Caitlin says

    I love piercings and tats, although I only have one tattoo (a small star on my hand) I have a hoop in my nose, a horseshoe in the side of my lip and a tongue bar, as well as one hole in each ear. I’ll probably get more piercings and definately more tattoos. I love them on guys as well. Having said that I am part of the younger generation so it seems perfectly normal to me (I’m only 17) not that I assume you are much older than me of course but it seems strange that you yourself, and the people who replied to this, are so curious about or against piercings. It’s quite fascinating really. Just thought I’d share a different opinion since everyone else seems to have the same thought.

    • BigLittleWolf says

      Really glad you shared your opinion! (I remember getting my ears pierced when I was a teenager – it hurt!!) Clearly, tats and piercings are very popular – so it’s nice to hear from someone who loves them. (And happy holidays!)

  9. Chelsea says

    well, I figure I might as well also represent the younger generation, I’m 19 and I have double lobe piercings, an industrial in my left ear, inner conch hoop in my right, and my nape (back of the neck, google if youre curious, i know you think I’m crazy). I love all of my piercings, to me its an accessory, i dont have a million hoops or anything and I see mine as fairly conservative while also still being individualistic. I like tattoos and piercings on other people, as long as they’re well done, there’s a big difference between things that are tasteful and not over the top and just silly. my parents hate them, but im ok with that, i didnt get it for them, but i also didnt get them to tick them off. when i get older and more than likely tired of them, i can take them out and it will heal, and thats another reason i like them. piercings for the win.

  10. Will Davis says

    As someone who has multiple tattoos and piercings, ( full sleeves, back of hands, knuckles, neck, small facial tattoos, and mostly covered legs. stretched ear lobes, stretched septum, dual nostril piercings, one conch, and dual bottom lip piercings and medusa) no piercings and tattoos dont bother me. I also dont think it is a destructive way to “express your self” for me and a few other people I’ve sat down with talk to about body modification share the notion that our piercings and tattoos are the one of the few things that we have total control over in our physical appearance. I look at it as reclaiming our bodies for ourselves.
    I might have to add as well that I am a professional piercer, working in an established body modification shop, therefore my opinion might be a little bit biased.

  11. brandon in iraq says

    I’m not young (30) and have a few facial piercings. lip, nose and a few gauged ear piercings. i also have a few large tattoos on my arms chest and back. my wife also has many of both. i think that some people grow out of these things,most do not. i’ve had my piercings since i was a teen, and while i must remove them for work (silly army) i have no problem with my day to day with my family. I’ve never had an issue with sleeping or sneezing or any of the other things people ask about. i think of piercings as ornamentation, and the tats remind me of the events around the time i got them. ie. fire=fort hood and missy and kris. bow-son. star and apple= daughters, and on and on. i would never get many cosmetic surgeries that are pretty “normal”. injecting this and cutting that and suction here, seems very strange to me. i work in the medical field and have ended up watching many surgeries. i have seen just as many hammers and power tools as i’ve seen steady hands and artistry in the 3 o.r.s I’ve worked in.

  12. Lena says

    I am 19 years old, and I have 5 piercings, two on each ear lobe and one cartilage piercing. I consider these to be pretty conservative and mainstream especially in my age group. On my wish list are an industrial piercing, and a small tattoo, but only somewhere that I can cover up if my future job requires it. If i were more adventurous and not so afraid of what people thought I would get an eyebrow piercing or lip piercing. As far as dating guys with piercings and tattoos, I am all for it, though I have never dated a guy with either.

  13. Tara says

    I’m 18, and obviously a member of the younger generation. I’m not a huge fan of either tattoos or over-the-top piercings, although I do have a few myself, just in the ears (triple lobes on my right, two lobes and a cartilage in my left). I think too many piercings look silly and can distract people from your actual face. I guess I’m not a huge fan of facial piercings. However, I am considering a septum or nostril piercing, though, so you know I’m not all anti-piercing. Tattoos, however, are a different story. I see so many people (young women especially) who are just covered in tattoos of things that I don’t see as particularly significant. I’m not against tattoos in general, so long as they’re significant and meaningful to you. Otherwise, you’re going to get tired of them and they aren’t going to look the same when you’re 80. Are those pink bows tattooed on the back of your calves (an example I saw at work today) going to still be “cute” when you’re 80? I don’t think so. The thing about piercings that predisposes me towards them is that you can generally take them out when you get tired of them and no one can tell you ever had them. But that’s just my opinion

    • BigLittleWolf says

      Interesting thoughts, Tara. As for your comments that what is cute when you’re younger won’t be as appealing when you’re 80 – no tattoo on a woman’s body is going to look the same at 80. A woman’s body at 80 has little to do with what her body is at 18, or 40 for that matter. Obviously, the choice of location will help (or hurt) the appearance of the tattoo over time.

      I understand that some tattoo artists suggest that someone think about the image they want for a year. If they still want it after that long, then go for it. If not, it wasn’t the right thing. I found that to be sound advice.

      You make a great point about the piercings. You can downplay them you want to, within reason.

      Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on this topic!

  14. holaa says

    i don’t mind piercings in appropriate locations. I have three on my left ear lobe and two on my right. I’m not a huge fan of those who have their whole ear covered – cartilage and all. I’m also not a fan of those who have excessive facial piercings – one or two is okay, but certainly not like the woman in the picture

    i dont have any tattoos because i’m more conservative about them than i am with piercings; the reason is piercings are easy to cover up and tattoos are not. (Although it does depend on the location). For piercings, if you ever regret, you just simply take it out and let it grow back in – cheap and simple. Tatttoos, however, are a much more hassle to deal with once you regret it; it’s expensive, painful, and time consuming.

    Also, i read somewhere that many employers do not like to hire someone with excessive piercings or tattoo, so if you are considering going into an industry/career that requires a “clean” body, think twice about a crazy tat or piercing :)

    • BigLittleWolf says

      That’s a great point about potential employers, holaa. I’m guessing the part of the country / world you live in makes a difference, too. Thanks for commenting!

  15. Natti says

    l have nothing against piercings or tattoos but they can get excessive (i.e. the photo above) lm 14 and have my lip, lobes, and cartilage. *My wish list*: Bellybutton, dermal hip anchors, tongue, and industrial and possibly some small tattoos. Some tattoos that people get look ridiculous as well, getting flaming skulls on your arms? The tattoos that i get will be a reasonable size, places easily hidden, and something that has meaning such as my zodiac sign (scorpio).

  16. Samiya says

    i really like tatts and piercings and wud get a tattoo one day… but it would be something thats deep to me…
    for piercings i have 7 and would like to get more but school holds me back. i would probabably wait for school to finish

  17. Samiya says

    i’m 14 though and have 7 piercings, my parents said to wait a while til i get more… but i wouldnt get anything stupid

  18. Emz says

    I love body modification. I love the look of people who have covered themselves in tattoos; sleeves and chest pieces look lovely in my opinion, although that is not a line I plan on going down. I would like to get a small tattoo of a music stave on my wrist at some point, but I definitely do not want to cover myself in tattoos.
    I have a few piercings; my right ear has two lobe piercings (one of which is stretched to 6mm) and a tragus piercing, and my left ear has two lobe and a cartilage piercing. I also wear a ring in my nose. In the future I plan on getting my septum and navel pierced, and I think I will stretch my ear a little further. :)

  19. CBlake says

    I personally wouldn’t date a guy with any piercings, but would date him if he had a tattoo (depending on where it was/what it was of/etc.). I currently don’t have any tattoos, but have six piercings in my ears (middle of my left ear, top of my right ear, and two holes in each lobe). However, I just keep tiny matching studs in them.

  20. BigLittleWolf says

    I’m surprised, too! (I do know plenty of people with a few discreet tattoos…)

    As for the piercings, I remember Jimmy Smits in LA Law. (Has it really been 20 years?). That pierced ear was so sexy on him. (I don’t know if it was faked or not, but it was hot!) I’ve seen plenty of men with one, sometimes two ears pierced – depending on the accessories, and the man, sometimes it seems fine. Sometimes… mmm, not so much.

    All those other piercings? Very curious to know.


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