« Tu n’es pas vilaine, tu sais ? »

Un compliment ? Maybe… On verra.

Of Parking in Paris, Intriguing Identities, and French Men in Dreams

“Vos papiers,” he says, asking for my identification papers. I yank on the parking brake and switch off the ignition. I reach for my bag and begin to search for my passport. I can’t find it. I also can’t imagine why he’s stopped me at the edge of this off-ramp. I’ve just navigated the narrowest […]

Heralded Historian Talks Guillotine and Bastille Day

14 July 2012, Just In. Reports are coming in of an unplanned encounter between vacationing journalist, Lola La Chaussure, and heralded historian, Docteur Louis LeBrun of La Sorbonne. The impromptu meeting allegedly took place just hours ago in the Café de Paris on Las Olas Boulevard, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, wherein the two struck up […]

Cher Jean-Marc (mai 1988)

Letter to Jean-Marc (Number 3). May 1988.

Cher Jean-Marc

Letter to Jean-Marc (Number 2). March 1988

Found Letter to a Lost Lover

Love letter never mailed. Jean-Marc (Number 1). February 1988

Sexualité américaine, Politique de la Droite, et Disponibilité de Canards Vibrants

Objet de désir ? A vous de décider… (Humour)

Learn Passé Composé. Yes You Can!

Vous faut-il améliorer votre grammaire ? Vous voulez bien une petite révision animée du passé composé, grâce à Go!Animate ? Et il faut bien un peu de politique en même temps, n’est-ce pas ? Et votre verbe auxiliaire – être ou avoir – Républicain ou Démocrate ? D’un côté ou de l’autre, vous vous faites […]

Calling Home

I’m at a red light, in Friday rush hour traffic. It’s a ridiculous time of day to be out and I know it. But here I am, fidgeting, sitting without moving. And the cell in the passenger seat rings. I answer, pushing speaker phone. “Hi Mom,” he says. I’d been hoping he’d call home. He’s […]

Laughter Is The Best Medicine

No matter what the time, the place, the circumstances, generally, it’s good for what ails you. Laughter. Seriously! It can’t hurt, right? Except maybe after a C-section or hernia repair. After all, there’s nothing quite like side-splitting, gut busting, uproarious letting loose. I say again: Laughter! Or maybe you prefer a tiny titter from Twitter?