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f French Onion Soup

Traditional Thanksgiving Menu… Alternatives?

"I don't really like turkey... that much," my son says. Great, I think. Now he tells me... How many years have I prepared the traditional Thanksgiving menu? And I'm guessing "that much" was his qualifier, to be polite. Not only do many of us have vegan friends or family that don't care for the standard holiday fare, but some -- apparently like my son -- would prefer a little variation to the conventional holiday menu. So maybe it's time they got just that. … [Read More...]

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f Elegant Table set in pinks and reds

Fantasies of a Won-Back Heart

We are confident in the knowledge that we use our hearts well, we are sorrowful in the recognition that we use our hearts poorly. If we close our hearts when we must, surely it is only to heal from harm. In our darkness, we fantasize of romantic encounters, of familial bonds strengthened as children grow into their glory, of friends and … [Read More...]

f Exotic Beautiful Woman

Do You Flash the Flesh Any Chance You Get?

Scanning any media source, and in particular watching television, the amount of bared flesh that passes for style is... how shall I phrase this delicately... surprising. My, my. Have I become an old fogie overnight? Am I suddenly anti-marvelous mini? No Go to a dress cut low? … [Read More...]

f Seinberg Fragment 2

Finding Beauty in Art That Soothes

When I'm tired or down, or simply in need of a mental vacation, I seek out sources of beauty. For me, this means turning to works of art. For some, nature fills this critical role, as brilliantly painted skies or magnificent mountain vistas work their magic. For others, music, whatever their taste … [Read More...]

f Paris lovely view from the Seine

Paris je t’aime #parisjetaime

Shock. Grief. How do any of us process the horrific events that took place in Paris last evening? I join with all those who abhor and reject this unspeakable violence. As a friend wrote to me from Paris early this morning, responding to my email asking if he and his family were alright, "Nous sommes tous sonnés, mais … [Read More...]

Confident Mature Blonde Woman

As Hectic Holidays Descend… Relax!

Are you starting to feel the stress of the holidays already? Are you a Type A -- challenged by taking it slowly under the best of circumstances? No time like the present to revisit reminders of what counts: enjoying our families, our friends, and our special moments just for ourselves. Please enjoy these thoughts and suggestions … [Read More...]

f Three Women Friends

Girl Talk

When the daughter of an old friend popped by for a visit, I couldn't have been more pleased. Now in her early twenties, her energy, enthusiasm, and spirited good nature were contagious. Girl talk ensued, as it did from time to time when she would say hello on trips home from college, or call … [Read More...]

Troubled Young Woman

Looking Askance at Looksism

The topic of "looksism" -- a term coined in recent years for bias based on looks -- is one raised in the media occasionally. Most of us understand that looksism is taken less seriously than racism, ageism, or any number of other prevalent types of discrimination we have yet to fully address as a society. After all (we tell ourselves), isn't it … [Read More...]

f Cute Couple in Love

Why We Love the People We Love

Loving our children? That's easy. We feel an instinctive bond and usually, an unconditional one. But why do we love the romantic partners who come into our lives -- some of whom are with us forever, and others for an interlude and its lessons? Does it help us to know the reasons for our decisions to pair up with the people we choose … [Read More...]

f 40 Year Old Blonde With Little Smile

Not (Exactly) a Midlife Crisis…

by Andrea Clement An old acquaintance from high school sent me a message on Facebook the other day. He was poking fun at some of my recent posts. “So, are you a biker chick now?” he asked, referring to photos I'd shared online from a trip to the beach with my Harley-Davidson. I'd attended an annual motorcycle rally … [Read More...]

f Ambivalent Man Cannot Make Up His Mind

Ambivalence (in Love and Marriage)

Ambivalence. The word rolls around in your head with irritating insistence, and you ask yourself if ambivalence is an emotion or a set of feelings or a state of being -- one in which the battle of conflicting thoughts is so evenly matched as to leave you unable to pick a side, to take a decision, to settle into a yes or no, and then stay there. In place of that … [Read More...]

f Middle Aged Woman with Senior Mother

Can We ‘Make Over’ Family Dynamics?

When family members have a falling out, is it possible to "make over" their problem dynamics? Sure, we know that siblings squabble and middle-aged parents may still treat adult kids like teens. Those same young adults -- in their twenties or older -- may continue to rebel against issues that linger from childhood. The result of … [Read More...]

f Ordinary man expected to be Superman

The Measure of a Man

Men and what we expect of them... (Must they really play the role of Superman?) Men and the way they define themselves... (Is it even possible to generalize?) Men and their insecurities... (Will they admit to them? Will women accept them?) Men and what they fear... (Are their fears so different from a woman's? Don't we all want … [Read More...]

f People are puzzles 2

People Puzzles

Who hasn't met someone who turns out to have a surprising secret? Who hasn't met someone whose elements of personality or lifestyle don't add up? Who hasn't met someone who is less than transparent, or for that matter, unpredictable in situations that range from routine to dramatic? Aren't we all people puzzles of a sort? … [Read More...]

f Sandwich with beets

Midlife Makeover: Mini-Meals and Marvelous Menus

Weight loss is frequently the goal that motivates us to rethink meals, menus, and eating habits. At a certain age -- over 45 or 50 -- we're more aware of the importance of a healthy eating plan, as we can no longer deny that without our health, we're in no position to enjoy a trimmer form much less anything else. In my cozy household … [Read More...]

f Gorgeous Midlife Woman_Model

Reinventing Yourself Over 45? Over 50? At Any Age?

Reinvention. We may overuse the term and mean it in varied ways. But when we're over 45 or over 50 -- or for that matter, feeling blocked by any seemingly arbitrary obstacle -- a little help from our friends can go a long way. Likewise, conversations and commentary from those who have been through it or are undergoing changes … [Read More...]