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f Don and Sally Mad Men Season 7 Episode 10

Mad Men Season 7 Episode 10 The Forecast (Is Bleak)

Just how disturbing is it that Don Draper cannot imagine the future -- and he isn't the only one? Peggy is in the same boat to a degree, and likewise Ted, though neither of them seems concerned. Might Matthew Weiner in his own way be having a little macabre fun with us because in a few short weeks, it's curtains for Mad Men? Of course, Peggy can foresee herself as the first female creative director at the agency, and Ted is hoping to land a pharmaceutical company. Sally's friends are … [Read More...]


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f Beautiful African American Woman Thinking 750

Doing the Right Thing for Your Relationship

When we're in a relationship, "doing the right thing" can become a complicated equation. Perhaps we're trying to decide if we should stay or go, how honestly to express to a partner what we want, or making a determination to speak up about sex, money, or marriage. We may wish we could make decisions in a vacuum, but the reality … [Read More...]

f Woman Looking Over Her Shoulder 750x450

Morality: Is It on Your Radar?

This Sunday New York Times article stopped me cold: A Moral Bucket List, by David Brooks. Reflecting on morality in ways we seem to have forgotten -- stripped of church-going, removed from practice by rote, and explored as a matter of character -- Mr. Brooks provides provocative … [Read More...]

f Woman Shoe Shopping to the Max

Life’s Little Luxuries

A Rolex watch. A case of exceptional wine. A second home in Tuscany. (Might I have a third in Paris?) Are these luxuries? Healthy children. Nutritious meals. A family that loves you. (A good dentist.) Are these luxuries? … [Read More...]

f Happy Bride with Happy Groom

No Man’s Land?

When I spent a year or more without dating in my twenties, the No Man's Land where I wandered was noticeably unpleasant. I felt cold and cut off without some kind of relationship, and I wanted interaction with men -- make that a man. But it just wasn't happening. My solo status left me wanting. It isn't that … [Read More...]

Too Many Choices Mean Confusion

Maybe We Have More Choices Than We Think

Choices. We all want them, don't we? But what if we feel that our choices are limited as we grow older and our lives become more time and budget-constrained? What if we are assuming fewer choices, and we have more options than we think? I don't just mean the freedom to choose what we do for an afternoon, or … [Read More...]

New One Hundred Bills

Perks, Praise and Pay: Why Money Talks

"Money talks," I say. It's my comeback in a conversation about compensation. I'm past the stage in life when perks or praise persuade me to accept less than I'm worth on the market. Of course, were I in the midst of a salary negotiation, "money talks" isn't the phrase I would use. Instead, I would come armed with market … [Read More...]

f Mad Men Season 7 Episode 8 Peggy and Joan in Elevator

Mad Men Season 7 Episode 8: Severance (Indeed)

Mad Men creator Matt Weiner explains the theme of Mad Men Season 7 Episode 8, “Severance,” as the story of the life not lived. Don is in the midst of his second divorce and gets a glimpse of what life might have been like had he married someone else and focused on family. Ken has an opportunity to leave advertising and write … [Read More...]

Woman With a Lot on Her Mind 750x500

Obsessing Over Someone You Love (But Can’t Have)

Have you ever been in love to the point of obsession? Have you ever obsessed over someone you love but couldn't have, and you just couldn't stop yourself? You may not have risen (or fallen) to Fatal Attraction mode, and thank goodness, but when it comes to love, to loving someone unattainable, to loving the idea of … [Read More...]

f Daydreaming a Different Life 2

Dreaming of a Different Life: The Walk-Away Wife

I was recalling a story I heard as a child about a woman who walked away from her life. She simply got up, got dressed, and left her home, her husband, and her children. Yes, "woman walking away" syndrome is a thing, sometimes referred to as the Walk-Away Wife. This phenomenon certainly wasn't discussed … [Read More...]

Beautiful African American Woman in Red

Is Divorce a Failure?

This morning I awoke thinking about notions of failure, and specifically, wondering if we are wrong in categorizing divorce as failure. For that matter, are we wrong to say that a marriage "fails" if it ends in divorce? Many say yes. They say yes unequivocally. They may disregard 10 good years and … [Read More...]

Tourists in Europe with Selfie Stick

Standing by the Selfie Stick?

On a recent trip overseas, I expected to see selfie sticks everywhere. After all, not only do we wish to place ourselves in exotic (or beautiful) locales, but we wish to look tip top -- at the proper distance, at our best angles, the backdrop just so -- when we are about to capture that happy smile and share it on Instagram, Twitter, and … [Read More...]

Smiling 65-year-old Woman 750

Blooming… Success at Any Age?

I wouldn't necessarily refer to individuals who know success late in life as late bloomers. I'd say the notion of being a perpetual bloomer may fit better. After all, even the person hailed as an "overnight" success is generally someone who has worked many years, and will continue to do so in order to maintain his or her achievements, and … [Read More...]

Invisible Women

Are You Feeling Invisible?

"I know I'm invisible," a friend said a few weeks back. It was an unguarded moment over a quick drink, and I understood the subtext and it's this: I am past the age when heads turn or people notice my appearance for all the right reasons. And I accept it, though with regret. My friend is a busy woman, an accomplished woman, a woman who … [Read More...]

Pensive Woman Dark Background

Guile, Games, and Bluffing

Guile. We think of it as being crafty, cunning, or duplicitous. We may think of someone we know (and dislike), a master poker player (who always stares us down), or for that matter, a person whose gamesmanship never ceases to rankle. Those who are innocent and trusting in their approach … [Read More...]

Frustrated Woman With a Scale

Skinny Girls, Fat Heads: Women and Eating Disorders

A half dozen slim teenage girls were expressing hatred for their bodies, and I was reminded how easily eating disorders are born and sustained, and how deep-seated self-image issues remain. Worse, this was a scene taking place on a Danish television series, whereas … [Read More...]

Raw red beets

Beet Salad Beats All

"Beets," I say. "I must have a beet salad before we leave Paris." He laughs. "You had to have Belgian fries with mayonnaise before leaving Brussels, and it's beets before departing Paris." "Exactly," I say, as I (once again) wax poetic on my memories of "betterave" -- French for beets -- which I have enjoyed each time … [Read More...]

French Macarons 750x500

The Macaron: A Little Bite of Heaven

The macaron. You think you know what it is, and then you realize you were confusing it with the macaroon. For years. And wondering what the fuss was all about. Then it happens. And like your first love, it is the "coup de foudre." You have no inkling that you will be struck so whimsically, so exquisitely... and by the Parisian palace … [Read More...]

Anxious Woman 750x500

How Anxiety Ruins Performance

Performance anxiety? We've all been there at one time or another. But what about the most extreme anxiety that causes us to choke at the worst possible time? For me, a few days or a week before the Big Exam, the Do-or-Die Presentation, or the event in which all the puzzle pieces need to come together in … [Read More...]