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Crazy Kid With Cooking Utensils

Cooking With the Kid

Not long after one son was safely back at school, albeit wobbly on two injured feet (another story), I heard from the other - first a quick phone call and then an invite on Skype. It was an unexpected visit, and a pleasure to see his new apartment. At least as much fun? Cooking with my son online, though he is half a country away. And yes, I recently expounded on the time-honored tradition … [Read More...]

Health & Well-Being

f Depressed Man in Black

Does Chronic Pain Cause Depression?

Depressed because you’re in pain, or in pain because you’re depressed?

Coffee is Heart Healthy

Have Your Coffee (and Drink It, Too)

Serious news or marketing schmooze? Read… over a good cup of coffee.

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Man in Fedora cropped

The Economics of Fedoras and Fussiness

A writer observes. A writer instructs. By Brian Sorrell.

f Careful Listening in a Meeting

Listen First, Talk Second

Excellent advice: Opening our ears before we open our mouths.

Couple in doorway black high heels

Men Are Different. (I Know, Right?)

Differences in expectations. Differences in language. So many differences!

Zen Garden

Radical Simplicity

Keeping it simple can be very complicated.

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Now Voyager Trailer Screenshot 1941

Now, Voyager…

When my Man Friend planned a Saturday complete with what sounded like a full and entertaining set of activities - a hike through a wooded park, socializing with friends, an outing for lunch - despite his coaxing, I declined. And he did not press. After a week that included several near all-nighters on behalf of a client, and naturally, a few hours here and there for my own writing - there was little … [Read More...]

People at Concert Recording With Smartphones

Raise Your Hand if You Are “NOT Present”

"Raise your hand when I say your name, and call out present." These were the instructions many of us followed in school as roll was taken, we raised our hands, and we obligingly murmured "present." These days, millions of us could respond "not present." It's seemingly a contradiction, yet it's anything but. Why? You know why. … [Read More...]

Worried Young Woman

When Worry Is Ruining Your Relationship

Each time she embarked on a new relationship, she began to worry - about everything. She worried about the way she dressed. She worried that she wasn't funny enough, smart enough, sexy enough, thin enough. She worried if he didn't call or email every day or two. She worried when he was out of town; she worried when he was out with his friends. Every element of the relationship was subject to … [Read More...]

Happy Man f

Vanity vs. Narcissism

Primping before meeting someone for the first time, I take longer in front of the mirror. I fuss over lipstick and liner. Is this vanity? If so, is it a problem? Sitting at a stoplight in traffic as I head to an appointment, I touch up my mascara and check my hair. Is this vanity? Again, where is the harm? If I exaggerate my accomplishments, if I interrupt you at every turn, if I will not entertain your recommendations … [Read More...]

Lots of Money

More Money!

Women and money - our attitudes, our opportunities, our ignorance. These are critical topics not only for women but for families, particularly with the number of women who are heads of household, and the expense of raising children. It's no wonder that we continue to read articles that address the challenges of earning money and the importance of investing it wisely. And most of us … [Read More...]

Carefree Girl in the City

Carefree in a Stressed Out World

It was a typical high-end editorial spread: leggy models with parted lips, casual poses in city streets, backdrops of brick and graffiti. Some of the expressions are provocative. Others are edgy. Sometimes, the scene tells a story that screams "I'm young, I'm vital and I'm carefree!" Paging through one of my favorite magazines, that's when it hit me. I don't recall a period of time when I felt carefree. … [Read More...]

Model With Long Hair and Amber Eyes

Pleasure or Power?

This statement warrants thoughtful consideration: "When it comes to women, popular culture confuses pleasure and power." Notions of beauty, pleasure and power are briefly discussed in the context of fashion models who parlay their looks into perks and adventures. Check out this article: "Who Runs the Girls?" by Ashley Mears, assistant professor of sociology at Boston University. … [Read More...]

Young Man Smiling on Phone sm

Talking is the New Tech

You have to chuckle: Apparently, talk is the new technology. Or rather, talking with a voice... over a telephone. It seems that talking is making a comeback, though for some of us, the value of the chatty check-in or the reassurance of a friend's laughter never went the way of the telegram. Instead, we supplemented the phone's usage with email, text, social media and Skype - when it made sense. But … [Read More...]

Couple Not Speaking

“When I’m Done, I’m Done” (Or Not)

Couples who get back together after a break up? Try this scenario: They were sweethearts 25 years earlier, split up, led separate lives, had kids, and met again. Both divorced, they pick up where they left off - now in their 40s or 50s. Sound familiar? Maybe the version you've heard involves a widow or widower, but the basics remain the same - what once fizzled is … [Read More...]

Woman Giving Presentation

The Language Link

First impressions? Not only are they a matter of how we look, but how we speak and what we say. Voice, tone, body language - certainly our choice of words - these reveal far more about us than we may realize. As for communication skills, haven't we all seen adept politicians use them to their advantage? Likewise, inspirational leaders in any domain, including business. A powerful speaker is … [Read More...]

Man with big smile

Looks Good On Paper (Relationships)

Maybe you've had one or two. Those "looks good on paper" guys - relationships that are sure to guarantee "happily ever after."' You know what I'm talking about - the kind of man with the right height and hair color, the right schools and degrees, the right profession (and presumably income). You might even say that he meets criteria on your critical Ideal Partner Shortlist - loves to … [Read More...]

f Exotic Beauty

Thoughts on the Sharing Economy

I will share my morning coffee. I will share my sandwich for lunch. I will not share my toothbrush. Now, now. That shouldn't be a surprise. I will share my knowledge. I will share my skills. I will not share my opinions if they are hurtful; instead I will wait to be asked, then speak my piece diplomatically. I will share good news. I will share a laugh. I will share your confidence... and naturally, guard your … [Read More...]

f Woman in Shower Leaning


Transparency. It's an interesting concept. I recall my introduction to it some 15 years back. At the time, it concerned design decisions: Clear glass shower doors were all the rage and my contractor tried to convince me. "It enlarges the room and it's good for resale," he said. I was unmoved. The nice big tub, the textured tiles, the stand-alone stall with a great shower head - all that, I could buy … [Read More...]

f Mature Woman Considering the Future

“Constructive Distraction”

A dozen years ago, in the midst of a prolonged and emotionally wrenching divorce, I dropped 40 pounds. You could say that stress was a factor, which indeed it was. Also factors: My focus was on legal proceedings, I was job searching, and I was helping my children through a seemingly incomprehensible time. Eating had become a non-event, a necessary pit stop for fuel, an annoyance. Food issues, long … [Read More...]

Woman With Much on Her Mind

Relationship Problems or Problem Relationship?

Is there a difference between a problem relationship - which may be a matter of something you can't put your finger on - and relationship problems? Is one a tougher nut to crack? If you're confronting the most common relationship problems, does it mean your relationship itself is on the rocks? You may find yourself involved with - or married to - the most terrific person on the planet. And … [Read More...]

f Pouty Woman Under Hairdryer

Too Old for Reality?

In the past few weeks, I've been contacted by two different media companies regarding two opportunities. To put this in perspective, I'm guessing I'm one of a million who received an email. Okay. Maybe one of 50,000. These were initial queries, and naturally, we all find it lovely to be "asked to the dance" or even considered for being asked to the dance. For that matter (more realistically), being told … [Read More...]

Flirty Woman Sipping Red Wine

Sex, Floss, and Red Wine

What's not to love about this health tidbit? I came across a delightful infographic that features the health benefits of some of our most entertaining activities. Well, they aren't all entertaining. No one loves flossing. But when we process the big picture, we're sure to flash a far more formidable smile for friends, family and a special "someone." So do read on, and stop by these 10 (strange) ways … [Read More...]

Woman With Guilty Expression

Guilt Trip?

The Guilt Trip. It's an effective manipulation, but oh... what a nasty ride. It's like taking a turn on the Shame, Blame, and Mind Game Express - especially when you live with someone who is a master at this form of "persuasion." So why is it that some people don't ask for what they want outright? Why do they corral others into doing their bidding by making them squirm? More importantly … [Read More...]

Jenny Lind by DW

On Swedish Singers and Breck Girls

"I didn't know you could do that," he says. "What do you mean?" "Draw like that. When did you do it?" I check the date. "I was 15," I say. He's looking at me with genuine surprise. I'm holding a sketchbook from the 1970s, dug out of a box overflowing with photographs and papers I'm trying to sort out. Somewhere there is another sketchbook, larger. I can't seem to locate it. "So who is this?" … [Read More...]

Beautiful Confident Woman

Do You Like Your Job?

Do you like your job? And if you're a student, do you like what you're studying? Considering how all-consuming work (or study) has become in recent years, asking if you like what you do is a reasonable question. Once upon a time, I worked as a programmer. I didn't hate it, I didn't love it; it paid the bills. And at the end of each day, I felt very tired. Let's just say... I was pleased when I was no longer … [Read More...]

f Joan Rivers

Saying Goodbye to Joan Rivers, 81 Years Young

Joan Rivers, legendary comedienne, died on Thursday, September 4, 2014. She was 81 years young. Millions are mourning the passing of this trailblazing woman who kept so many of us laughing for so many years. And since hearing the news, I find myself deeply affected for a number of reasons. Naturally, as we grow older, we tend to shift our views on age as we realize the ways in which we remain … [Read More...]