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Blooming… Success at Any Age?

I wouldn't necessarily refer to individuals who know success late in life as late bloomers. I'd say the notion of being a perpetual bloomer may fit better. After all, even the person hailed as an "overnight" success is generally someone who has worked many years, and will continue to do so in order to maintain his or her achievements, and expand on them. The New York Times takes up the issue of starting something new later in life, or persisting in a passion well beyond the age we associate with gaining skills, embarking on new ventures, and … [Read More...]

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African American Businesswoman

Smart Women

Women need to own their smarts and exploit them to the max.

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Sometimes transparency makes great sense. Sometimes, not at all.

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Invisible Women

Are You Feeling Invisible?

"I know I'm invisible," a friend said a few weeks back. It was an unguarded moment over a quick drink, and I understood the subtext and it's this: I am past the age when heads turn or people notice my appearance for all the right reasons. And I accept it, though with regret. My friend is a busy woman, an accomplished woman, a woman who … [Read More...]

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Guile, Games, and Bluffing

Guile. We think of it as being crafty, cunning, or duplicitous. We may think of someone we know (and dislike), a master poker player (who always stares us down), or for that matter, a person whose gamesmanship never ceases to rankle. Those who are innocent and trusting in their approach … [Read More...]

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Skinny Girls, Fat Heads: Women and Eating Disorders

A half dozen slim teenage girls were expressing hatred for their bodies, and I was reminded how easily eating disorders are born and sustained, and how deep-seated self-image issues remain. Worse, this was a scene taking place on a Danish television series, whereas … [Read More...]

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Beet Salad Beats All

"Beets," I say. "I must have a beet salad before we leave Paris." He laughs. "You had to have Belgian fries with mayonnaise before leaving Brussels, and it's beets before departing Paris." "Exactly," I say, as I (once again) wax poetic on my memories of "betterave" -- French for beets -- which I have enjoyed each time … [Read More...]

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The Macaron: A Little Bite of Heaven

The macaron. You think you know what it is, and then you realize you were confusing it with the macaroon. For years. And wondering what the fuss was all about. Then it happens. And like your first love, it is the "coup de foudre." You have no inkling that you will be struck so whimsically, so exquisitely... and by the Parisian palace … [Read More...]

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How Anxiety Ruins Performance

Performance anxiety? We've all been there at one time or another. But what about the most extreme anxiety that causes us to choke at the worst possible time? For me, a few days or a week before the Big Exam, the Do-or-Die Presentation, or the event in which all the puzzle pieces need to come together in … [Read More...]

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Better Performance After Taking Time Off?

You tell yourself you will be more productive with a little time off. You try telling your boss the same, certain you will return refreshed and raring to go. But the challenge in taking time off -- even a single, solitary, spirit-soothing week of "nothing" -- includes the crazy schedule required before, and the soul-sucking stack of work … [Read More...]

Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem

Seize the day. That's what we're supposed to do when opportunities present themselves. Carpe diem and all that. But sometimes, the opportunity is ill-timed. A reporter wants you to appear on camera... and you're nursing the flu and fighting laryngitis, you've gained weight and you know what the lens will add, three frogs are caucusing … [Read More...]

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Is It Urgent or Important?

This advice couldn't have come at a more propitious time, as I had forgotten to make the distinction between what is urgent and what is important. More critical still -- when you are presented with an underlying message of "do it NOW" for everything on your list of must-do's, where do you even begin? A few weeks back … [Read More...]

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On Confidence, or… Putting On My “Big Girl” Pants

Does confidence come and go? Do we switch it on and off? Is it triggered so decisively as to buoy everything we do when the going is good, or drop us into a downward spiral when nothing goes right? My personal feeling is this: Self-assurance ebbs and flows. Belief in our competence (and value) surges … [Read More...]

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Flower Power

We pull out of the driveway in his Chevy van, Led Zeppelin pounding through the speakers in the back, his floppy denim hat tossed onto the orange shag, my mother fuming on the front porch, her face a fist. Why can't she see he isn't what she thinks he is? Why doesn't she understand that just because … [Read More...]

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College Kids… Calling Home

Maybe he just wanted to know that I was doing okay. He does that sometimes; he checks in... on me. My college student checks up on his mom. Go figure. But this was something more. When my son had tried to get in touch … [Read More...]

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Cold and Snowy

With much of the country blanketed by cold and snow, it's hard to imagine that March is the month that goes out "like a lamb." It is certainly the time of year when I used to gather my pennies and head South; living in the Northeast, it was thoughts of Florida that kept me going until mid-March. No need … [Read More...]

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When a Hard Look Is in Order

We gaze into the mirror and indulge in soul-searching. Well... Some of us gaze, and some of us indulge in soul-searching. Reflection, even without an explicit purpose, can be revealing. So why not devote a little time to introspection? Aren't there insights to be gained? On the other hand, taking a hard look … [Read More...]

Old Radio 2

Bob Steele

by Brian Sorrell Back then, you could say social media was the radio and our influencers, the broadcasters we relied on. My source was 1080 AM -- we all listened to AM in those days -- and the man to follow was Bob Steele. He was the one they called when snow … [Read More...]

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Women Are Emotional. Get Over It!

Are women too emotional? What's your immediate (emotional) reaction to that question? Does it prickle? Are you rolling your eyes? Are you nodding in affirmation, and if so -- why? I couldn't resist exploring an opinion piece at the Sunday Times that addresses our cultural propensity for labeling women … [Read More...]

Pink Sex Pill

Sex Pill for Women?

I've been wondering about the sex pill for women for several years now, or rather, the absence of any erotic elixir -- a little pink pill -- to prop up flagging female sexual desire. After all, the guys are armed to battle erectile dysfunction and low T, but where's my sexy cocktail to amp up my amorous outlook? What are a woman's safe … [Read More...]

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Smile! It’s Good for Your Health

You're running errands and the traffic is nasty, the weather is nastier, and your mood is increasingly foul. Then you hear your mother's wisdom: Smile, it's good for you. And so you do. You smile. That's when you feel the near immediate results: The knot between your shoulder blades loosens … [Read More...]