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f Spinach and Kiwi Smoothie

Spinach and Kiwi Smoothie Heaven

Anyone for a green smoothie? A little kiwi, a little spinach, a surprise ingredient... Now, we've been known to add raw spinach to almost anything in this household -- very Popeye. But I hadn't considered adding it into my recent disciplined diet quite in this way. However, not only are kiwi and spinach consistent with a summer state of mind, but a desire for satisfying textures led me to an old favorite that I had forgotten about. Smoothies! … [Read More...]


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f Mature Woman With Long Dark Hair

Hapless? Hopeless? Best Hairstyles Over 50

Best hairstyles for a woman at 50 or older? Let's just say it. I am not the poster child for this one. My hair is both hapless and hopeless these days. While I may not be sporting hair-to-the-derrière as I did at age 12 (very Cousin Itt) and nor am I attempting to rock a fuchsia streak (that was 25), I'm running through the reel of past hairstyles and … [Read More...]

f Delvaux shop window_Brussels

Midlife Makeover: Style Tips for Women Over 40

Have you found yourself second-guessing your style since hitting 40-something or maybe 50-something? In need of tips from a pro? Wondering what's "appropriate" or getting a raised eyebrow and remarks -- possibly from your 20-something children? Personally, I've questioned my haircut and my makeup, I've questioned … [Read More...]

f Woman Gingerly Opening Heavy Doors

Open More Doors If You Want More Skills

This phrase has been stuck in my brain since I read it: "Only doing what you do best will hold you back." How do I interpret that? Don't be afraid to open doors -- new doors, heavy doors, doors you may not feel comfortable peeking around much less walking through. At least, if you want to keep stretching your brain and … [Read More...]

f Frustrated Middle Aged Man

Over 50, Unemployed, Depressed and Powerless

Are you over 50, unemployed, depressed and feeling powerless? For that matter, are you any age and feeling hopeless because you can't seem to land a job? The recession may be officially over, and for some segments of the population, things are looking up. But too many are still sinking … [Read More...]

f Smiling Middle Age Woman Orange shirt

Compassion Is Easy. Try It!

Thank you, Judy Lee Dunn, for your marvelous recommendations in 52 Baby Steps to Living a More Compassionate Life. Don't miss these suggestions for random acts of kindness that are easy, original, and endearing. I happened upon this list and immediately bookmarked it. While it was written in conjunction with … [Read More...]

f Mature Woman Serious Expressoin

Midlife Makeover: Old Talk, Fat Talk

Old talk. Do you know what that is? Fat talk. How about that one? I'll bet you engage in old talk and fat talk on a regular basis. I do, and have for as long as I can remember. It's common in women of any age, and for many, even more so as we age. What say we begin to make over our inner dialog? What say we look to edit our "fat" and … [Read More...]

f Father Reading to Daughter

8 Ways My Dad Lives On Through Me

by Andrea Clement Recently I read an article on About.com addressing ways to honor your deceased Dad on Father’s Day. There were several great ideas, some of which I already put into practice. For example, I now have a Father’s Day tradition that involves … [Read More...]

f Man With Thumbs Up

What’s Your Recipe for Success?

One part inspiration, three parts guts? Add five parts hard work, then simmer and stir? Do you know your recipe for success? Do you rely on your own criteria or the opinions of others? In considering my recipe for success, I realize that the ingredients and their importance depend on whether … [Read More...]

f Fresh Fruit

My Non-Diet Diet: Eating My Favorite Healthy Foods

My eating regimen these past several weeks? Healthy, delish, and colorful. Think that last isn't important? You know what they say about the finest meals. You taste them first with your eyes, then with your palate. For me, summer eating is always a fiesta of fruit -- sweet, juicy, brilliant berries... those oh-so-good-for-you dark leafy … [Read More...]

f Overweight Woman

Midlife Makeover: Weight Loss After 50

Weight. Weight loss. Overweight. These words, for me, epitomize the scourge of life after 50 -- one of them, anyway. Weight loss after 50. As it is, I have decades of experience at fighting this battle, one which I thought I had conquered for good, along with lifetime challenges to do with body image. So it's demoralizing to find … [Read More...]

f Portrait of Happy 40ish Couple

Supportive Relationships: “In It Together”

I'll never forget something a friend said to me once about her relationship. The emotional support her guy gave her was something she could count on, even in troubled times. These were her words: "We're in it together." I also recall an acquaintance whose story boils down to this: She sustained serious injuries in a car accident, leaving her … [Read More...]

Book Cover_Working Dads Survival Guide 750

The Working Dad’s Survival Guide

Encountering people of like mind, spirit, and pursuits is one of the delights of the Internet. Scott Behson, who has contributed here for the past two years, is one of those people, which you will see in his newly published book: "The Working Dad's Survival Guide." In … [Read More...]

f Heather Robinson_Forest Scene Provence 1

Wandering Through the Forest (With Heather)

I am always thrilled when I can share one of my favorite writers, Heather Robinson, with you. Not only does this talented woman describe her home in Provence with breathtaking delicacy, but her photography is as eloquent as her words. When I read Heather's beautiful prose, I find myself exploring … [Read More...]

f Woman in Back Pain 1

The Relationship Between Pain and Sleep

The relationship between pain and sleep is a no-brainer: If you're in pain, it's tougher to fall asleep, and possibly, to stay asleep. But what about this: When you're sleep deprived, you're more likely to feel the pain you're in. It's no secret that I have had issues of chronic pain over the years: back pain and … [Read More...]

f Mature Woman Stuck in a Rut

Midlife Makeover: Get Me Out of My Rut!

I need it, I want it, I'm ready for it. The midlife makeover. Have I become a cliché? Do you know what a midlife makeover entails? Have you "done" it? Do you want to? Are you raising an eyebrow? The fact is, I struggle with taking care of myself -- putting myself on my own priority list. And we all know that letting ourselves go … [Read More...]

f Excited Woman

How to Have Cheap Fun: Get Off the Island!

Last weekend, my son took me out. Or rather, we took each other out. First, to an art opening. Then, to an unplanned dinner. It was all quite last minute, and everywhere we went, we were struck by the steady stream of serendipitous encounters. And we laughed … [Read More...]

f Crepe Myrtle and Lampost

The Roundabout

It's a quiet neighborhood of older homes, flowering gardens, and curving streets that come together at stops and the occasional traffic light. It's a neighborhood with children, several schools, and a community park. Opposite the park where both adults and children tend to gather year round is an intersection of five small roads, previously … [Read More...]

f Clean Organized Desk

The (Comforting) Psychology of Mess

Oh, for the approval of the comforting mess, of the psychology of feeling cradled by familiar, much-loved objects, of being at ease with a measure of disorganization. At last, an appreciation for being surrounded by "stuff." An article on the art of clutter! When I saw that happy headline, I had to catch my breath. Now here's a subject (and angle) … [Read More...]