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People Tell Us Who They Are. We Need to Listen.

People tell us who they are. We really need to listen. People show us who they are. We need to pay attention. When we're young, these are lessons we haven't learned. When we're in love -- whatever our age -- these are lessons we ignore. And shouldn't. Years ago, I was in a relationship that began well, though with a certain amount of caution on my part. I wasn't a kid, and nor was he; I had learned the advantages of taking one's time. However... He was interesting and funny, I knew his family, and things were smooth sailing right from the start. I felt at ease … [Read More...]

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A Double Life

Secret love lives… Apparently, surprisingly common.

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Going to Bed Hungry

It occurred to me one night just a few weeks ago. I was going to bed hungry, and I've been going to bed hungry for years. For decades, really. Oh, not every night, but for at least three quarters of my life, I have laid my head down on the pillow as hunger pangs stabbed at me. No wonder … [Read More...]

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What I Didn’t Take Everywhere and Shame on Me

We all go through difficult times. Occasionally, circumstances beyond our control seem to conspire against us, and try though we might, we're mired in troubles. If we're smart, if we maintain the long view, if we care about the people who populate our lives, then what we will take everywhere -- no matter how tough the challenges … [Read More...]

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Makeup Makeover: Beautiful and Ethical

Today's makeover topic takes an unexpected twist, which I hope will lead us all to inform ourselves about the products we are using to care for our skin and to put our best "face" forward -- literally! Nath Fedorova is my special guest today, who not only shows us her new makeup look, but delves into the tricky territory of … [Read More...]

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Beware the Attention Seeker… Maybe

It's too easy to slap the Big Bad Narcissist label on anyone who seems to crave attention. Maybe their attention-getting device is the latest hair color or lipstick, some hot new style, or interrupting your conversation. Maybe the person is narcissistic, but let's not assume. The desire for the spotlight may be more benign. And the need for acknowledgment … [Read More...]

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Are You Desperate for a Compliment?

Most of us know when we're looking good... for "us." That doesn't mean we don't appreciate recognition of extra effort (and a positive result). And it's likely we may be hoping to garner a compliment. Perhaps we've been working out for weeks and the skinny jeans are fitting perfectly. Perhaps we finally risked that messy curly cut … [Read More...]

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Thoughts on Well-Being

It had been a particularly challenging day -- tasks stacking up, technology hassles, the hangover of a few issues I've been chewing on lately... cue the cow and its cud... and just enough back pain to nudge me beyond my steely powers of concentration toward a realization. The need to seek out approaches to well-being … [Read More...]

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Makeup Makeover: Nighttime Glam!

This week's entry in the Midlife Makeover Series? It's time to shake up your makeup once again. Beth Djalali of the delightful blog Style at a Certain Age, and whose flair for fashion will enchant you, has agreed to participate in this exercise. And she's doing so with a special twist as she rocks a nighttime look that is totally glam! As Beth … [Read More...]

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Is Sex Better After Cosmetic Surgery?

Tummy tucks. Neck lifts. Lid tweaks. So many cosmetic procedures on the menu. And my question is: Does cosmetic surgery make sex better? Once upon a time, I mused on this very topic. Cosmetic surgery, as a theoretical means to improve your sex life. … [Read More...]

f The Faces of Doubt

Dubious Dictums on Doubt

Doubt is an intriguing state of mind, and its arrival may be signaled in various ways -- in the gut (an intuition), in the realization of insufficient facts to make a judgment, in an extended inability to make a decision, or as the result of discovering that facts that don't jive. Whether we're talking about our personal or … [Read More...]

f Luxe and Vintage Jewelry

Makeup Makeover: Contessa Style!

Sumptuous. It is just one of the adjectives I would use to describe La Contessa's personal style. And speaking of style, what's better than a Makeover Monday? A Makeover Tuesday that follows, and with the luxe and whimsy of a Contessa! If sumptuous is a word … [Read More...]

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Midlife Makeover: Shake Up Your Makeup Part Deux

I hope to welcome more faces to this "before and after" series of makeup makeovers and my desire to do so is for a number of reasons. Among them, I hope to better expose all of us to each other at various ages -- to show how our true selves shine through, and the connections and pleasures of mixing generations. … [Read More...]

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How to Apologize, and Why It Matters

Stop. Saying. Sorry. I've repeated those words to myself a thousand times, and written them as well as a means to reinforce the lesson. Apologies handed out too easily are pointless and potentially damaging. On the other hand, a sincere apology extended when you are truly contrite is a start at making amends … [Read More...]

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Is Loneliness Making You Sick?

We stigmatize loneliness as if to be alone is somehow a matter of "fault," a personal failing, a lack of effort or appeal or worthiness. Loneliness is neither disease nor contagion, though too often, we carry shame as if it were a social disease. If the unfulfilled desire to keep company with a partner or friends leaves you wanting and … [Read More...]

f Annoying Man on the Phone at the Theater

Irking, Lurking… I Promise, No Twerking

Peevish moods, bouts of irritability, my feathers ruffled more easily than usual... That about sums up my moods in recent weeks, alternating with a sunny disposition otherwise, naturally. So why is it that we find ourselves irked by such little things at times, as if a monster side of Self is lurking behind every familiar corner? … [Read More...]

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Mind Over Body? Mind IS Body

In contemplating how I could psych myself up to tackle a few tough days ahead, I've been telling myself: mind over body, mind over body, mind over body. Many is the time that such resolve can work wonders. Then there are occasions I must admit: It isn't that simple; mind is body … [Read More...]

f Roulette Wheel_Change the Odds

Changing the Odds

In a Times opinion piece addressing the lack of progress for women in the entertainment industry, two lines strike me as hitting their mark with laser focus. These words would have served me well in more than one conversation over the years, and their broad applicability encourages me to share them. In … [Read More...]

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“At Least You Have a Guy…”

It was one of those quick, spontaneous conversations between women. I was running errands, we began to chat, and she commented on the absence of a wedding band on my ring finger. Then she asked if I was divorced, I said yes, and she replied "Me, too." We shared a few words … [Read More...]