Eudaimonia (On Living Well)

Living well and staying healthy? Let’s ask Aristotle.

Just Desserts

Taking it sweet and slow… with holiday baking!

Perception Deception

Women, Self-Esteem, and Aging 2.0. Still too reliant on the perceptions of others?

Callow, Clueless, and Cruising Paris

Cruising Paris. Taking it all in. 20 years old… Advice to a younger self?

Naked Bodies. Weird News?

I couldn’t resist the headline touting nude bodies as artistic canvas. Let’s face it. Put “naked” or “nude” in a headline and we look. Suggest there are pictures? We definitely look! In fact, this Huffington Post slide show on nude body painting does not disappoint. To utilize the human face or form as a blank […]

Calling All Pro Bono Personal Trainers and Bath Consultants, Or, “I Want My Legs Back”

I am contemplating my girly gams. Yes. You heard me. Legs. My legs. Preferably in heels and stockings. Hey, I’m a woman who adores her seductive stilettos and precarious platforms. Think I don’t give a damn about the lethargic limbs they stand on? Think again, though it sounds stupid silly self-indulgent, contemplating my own Lilliputian […]


Reese’s cups? Cravings… Emotional eating, body image, our love-hate relationships with food.

Battle Ready

Makeup: A matter of habit, self-esteem, social convention… and?

No Looking

What happens when a woman looks in the mirror? What happens when she doesn’t? Swearing off mirrors…

Ugly Duckling

Women are embracing surgical procedures at increasingly younger ages, conforming to narrowing definitions of beauty.