The Low-Light Libido

Lost libido: A temporary dip in desire, or something more significant?

“I See Fat People”

Looking through photographs, the view remains distorted.

Buying Into Body Hatred

Women and body hatred. We bring it into our bedrooms. We pass it on to our children.

Boob Studies Are For… Boobs

Which breasts are best… for what, exactly? Breast-size preferences and sexism studies.

The Search for Self Through Wearable Pelf

Finding fun (and yourself) through fashion…

Eudaimonia (On Living Well)

Living well and staying healthy? Let’s ask Aristotle.

Just Desserts

Taking it sweet and slow… with holiday baking!

Perception Deception

Women, Self-Esteem, and Aging 2.0. Still too reliant on the perceptions of others?

Callow, Clueless, and Cruising Paris

Cruising Paris. Taking it all in. 20 years old… Advice to a younger self?

Naked Bodies. Weird News?

I couldn’t resist the headline touting nude bodies as artistic canvas. Let’s face it. Put “naked” or “nude” in a headline and we look. Suggest there are pictures? We definitely look! In fact, this Huffington Post slide show on nude body painting does not disappoint. To utilize the human face or form as a blank […]