Who Haven’t You Met – Yet?

It was worn and fragile, about two inches long, with a brown cover in soft leather. Inside, its translucent pages bore minuscule print which was nonetheless legible – verse after verse, recounting a tale of missed opportunities and lost love. It was Longfellow’s Evangeline. Somewhere, stored in a box in the back of a drawer, […]


I admit I’m pondering change at the moment – achievable change. But who doesn’t drift to the land of “what if” now and then? What if you had a do-over? Something that you actually did – or didn’t do – that impacts you and your life? Maybe it’s personal – something to do with a […]

If you could turn back time, would you?

Would you turn back the clock if you could? Groundhog Day was on TV the other night. I only caught the end of it (I’ve seen it, um… over and over), but it made me consider what it would be like to re-frame a particular day. To “tweak” it. Perhaps a pivotal day, or perhaps […]

What If…

Asking “what if” is only natural. But dwelling in hypotheticals achieves little.