Nepotism (or, How to Get a Job in a Post-Modernist Recessionary Economy)

Apparently I was misinformed. We are not in a recessionary economy any longer. Silly me. I missed the memo! So, let us bid farewell to our aphorisms (calling a spade a spade) and instead activate our euphemisms (calling a spade a utensil). Thus, might I say that we are in a Post-Modernist Recessionary Economy? Slapped […]

The Lost Art of the Generalist

The Specialist Ah, the clarity of knowing who we are and what we do, being able to articulate it, and use it to our advantage – with specificity! We’ve got our 30-second elevator speeches down to a science; we can wrap words around our corners of competence, and succinctly present ourselves in three or four […]

What are you worth?

Do you know what you’re worth? How do you ascertain your value – as a worker, a creative, a woman, a man, a spouse, a parent? As a member of society? I’ll state this up front. This isn’t the usual morning musing. But hang in. It may be useful. What is your job worth? In […]