Sitting, Gritting, and Admitting

Apparently, we’re doing more to harm our heart health than we realize. At least, so says – or implies – an article on Yahoo Health this morning. Remember the reports that watching television could shorten your life? Yep. That bad Glued-to-the-Tube habit is at the top of the list for harming heart health, along with […]

Winding Down or Wearing Out

Sometimes we surprise ourselves. Who would have thought that physical fatigue and mental acuity could coexist – comfortably? Or do we simply adjust to being tired as a way of life, and enjoy those times when our minds (or emotions) are humming along just fine no matter what? Like most parents, I’m tired. And for […]

How to Do Nothing – Effectively

Rain is streaming down the window panes. Less so than last night, but the morning sky remains an angry, bloated charcoal. The house sleeps, though I am awake. “It’s Saturday,” I remind myself, taking a deep breath. “I can do nothing.” I sip my coffee. I listen to the quiet. I type an email to […]

Making Excuses

Setting goals you can’t seem to meet? Are you fighting to attain a dress size? Looking to lose extra pounds and never quite making your goal weight? Your “skinny jeans” make a mockery of your daily diet and your self-esteem. You visit your closet nostalgically, running your fingers over jackets and blouses that once made […]

Boost your brain (with pleasure)

Unanticipated pleasure Last evening, for three hours, I hovered in the pleasure zone, my brain and body exquisitely in sync. This was delight the likes of which I haven’t felt in six months, or perhaps as long as a year. The kind of pleasure, intense and pervasive, that obliterates worry and fatigue as all the […]

Coffee, Teeth, Journal, Run!

Wake up and run Alarm clock, hand slapping the buzzer. Rolling out of bed with a groan. Staggering to the bathroom. Staring into the mirror, then teeth, face, shuffling to the kitchen to switch on Mr. Coffee, then back to the bedroom. Blinking at the time, yes, a run is possible, no, a run will […]