Coffee, Teeth, Journal, Run!

Wake up and run Alarm clock, hand slapping the buzzer. Rolling out of bed with a groan. Staggering to the bathroom. Staring into the mirror, then teeth, face, shuffling to the kitchen to switch on Mr. Coffee, then back to the bedroom. Blinking at the time, yes, a run is possible, no, a run will […]

What if…

What if I had said “I love you” back, and just accepted his conditions? What if I had worked slower, and produced a more average result that didn’t threaten my boss? What if I’d moved to a different part of the state after my divorce? What if I’d pulled my tiny nest egg out of […]

Yes, no, and finding balance

I have a bad habit. The fact is – I have many, but this particular bad habit is quite literally detrimental to my health. No, it isn’t smoking or drinking. It isn’t substance abuse of any sort. It’s simpler than that, and so much more complicated. I don’t pay enough attention to me. Too busy […]

Sex and the Dating Dilemma of SSRIs

The dating pool I’ve been a single woman for a long time, dipping in and out of the dating pool for the better part of a decade. It was a slow re-entry, wading into the shallow end, then descending into the depths when I was ready. Fortunately, I came with a strong stroke or two […]

Well-being at any age?

Well-being at any age? Certainly! And I was going to grab my opportunity while I had it; quiet time is a rarity on my crazy little planet. More so this summer. Twenty minutes to myself – extraordinary! How would I take advantage? A hot interlude in the late afternoon sun, on the little deck overlooking […]

French dog high on dope, recovering nicely after rampant case of munchies

“Chien plane complètement… les yeux vitreux… après avoir dévoré du cannabis,” selon son propriétaire. “Dog completely stoned… eyes glazed over… after devouring cannabis,” according to his owner. These were the headlines that greeted me when I opened my home page this morning. Yes, a French home page.  And why not? If I can’t have a […]

Customer Service: complimentary chocolate, free flowers & a smile

Does customer service still matter in a down economy? You bet it does. I may love to wander the aisles of Whole Foods – gaze at the gorgeous flowers, the succulent fruits, the arrays of fresh vegetables in vibrant colors. But regular fare is a matter of Safeway, Kroger, or Publix – shopping according to […]