Winding Down or Wearing Out

Sometimes we surprise ourselves. Who would have thought that physical fatigue and mental acuity could coexist – comfortably? Or do we simply adjust to being tired as a way of life, and enjoy those times when our minds (or emotions) are humming along just fine no matter what? Like most parents, I’m tired. And for […]

How to Do Nothing – Effectively

Rain is streaming down the window panes. Less so than last night, but the morning sky remains an angry, bloated charcoal. The house sleeps, though I am awake. “It’s Saturday,” I remind myself, taking a deep breath. “I can do nothing.” I sip my coffee. I listen to the quiet. I type an email to […]

Making Excuses

Setting goals you can’t seem to meet? Are you fighting to attain a dress size? Looking to lose extra pounds and never quite making your goal weight? Your “skinny jeans” make a mockery of your daily diet and your self-esteem. You visit your closet nostalgically, running your fingers over jackets and blouses that once made […]

Boost your brain (with pleasure)

Unanticipated pleasure Last evening, for three hours, I hovered in the pleasure zone, my brain and body exquisitely in sync. This was delight the likes of which I haven’t felt in six months, or perhaps as long as a year. The kind of pleasure, intense and pervasive, that obliterates worry and fatigue as all the […]

Coffee, Teeth, Journal, Run!

Wake up and run Alarm clock, hand slapping the buzzer. Rolling out of bed with a groan. Staggering to the bathroom. Staring into the mirror, then teeth, face, shuffling to the kitchen to switch on Mr. Coffee, then back to the bedroom. Blinking at the time, yes, a run is possible, no, a run will […]

Yes, no, and finding balance

I have a bad habit. The fact is – I have many, but this particular bad habit is quite literally detrimental to my health. No, it isn’t smoking or drinking. It isn’t substance abuse of any sort. It’s simpler than that, and so much more complicated. I don’t pay enough attention to me. Too busy […]