On Kids, On Quiet, On Accepting What We Think We Deserve

Reflections on the teenage years, and everything a parent never knows.

“I Want to Have a Baby”

Parenting solo. Tough choices, tough duty.


Kiss-Ride. Interesting concept… Is it relevant to contemporary families?

The Weight of the World

My greatest challenge in life, and possibly yours?

The Weekend Relationship

When the weekend relationship is the best you can do.

Best Places to Live for Single Moms

Is there a best place to live if you’re a single mom?

Kidding Ourselves About Kids

Practical concerns for (over) scheduling our children and ourselves.

Slowing Down Time… As We Age

Does time really “speed up” as we age?

Through the Peep-Hole

The Empty Nest still allows peeks and peeps into our children’s lives.

When a New Single Mom Stumbles at Work

Work and family challenges for newly single moms.