Childcare Expenses Don’t Stop at Age 5

Childcare costs a small fortune, and the need for options doesn’t stop at pre-K.

Cost of Raising a Child: 2014

Interesting (dismal?) data on the cost of raising children, 2014.

Guilt Trip?

You’re being guilt-tripped. Now what?

Standing on the Down Escalator

Assumptions on doing, non-doing, and standing on the down escalator.

Common Sense and (Early) Childhood Education

Giving our children the right start. ALL our children.

School Bus Blues? Not Exactly.

Back to school, and a rush of memories.

On Kids, On Quiet, On Accepting What We Think We Deserve

Reflections on the teenage years, and everything a parent never knows.

“I Want to Have a Baby”

Parenting solo. Tough choices, tough duty.


Kiss-Ride. Interesting concept… Is it relevant to contemporary families?

The Weight of the World

My greatest challenge in life, and possibly yours?