Bad Mood? Let’s Bitch!!

There is always another side. Another story. On the other end of the phone line or behind the deli counter. The sullen neighbor, taking out his garbage can. Or the truth behind the man or woman who disappears from your life without explanation. There are overworked employees at the big company who screw up. Maybe […]

Generosity: More than a Time of Year

Have you started getting those solicitation letters from your Alma Mater? Or from a variety of charitable organizations asking you for money? It’s that time of year – the season of giving – in more ways than one. Philanthropy Why do universities, museums, research organizations, health care facilities and others stuff your mailbox this time […]

Good News Extravaganza (Bad News Moratorium)

Life sucks. We know. I’m tired of reading bad news. Enough already. Do you hear that New York Times? Wall Street Journal? MSNBC? We get it. This guy? No one looks like this guy. Not on my planet. Hell – I’ve got a laptop in my bed, not some hunka-hunka-sweet-faced manhood with pouty lips and […]