On Bitterness

Is the “bitterness” label little more than a deflective device?

Marriage Camp

What makes marriage work? A socioeconomic context.

Repeating Your Parents’ Mistakes

Breaking the cycle of repeating our parents’ mistakes.

Is Infidelity Ever OK?

Justifying the unacceptable, or acknowledging human behavior?

Does Marriage Bring Out Our “Worst” Selves?

Bad habits gained in marriage, sometimes finally shed with divorce…

Not the Marrying Kind

Are you cut out for marriage? For remarriage? What does that mean?

Unmarried Marrieds: Emotional Intimacy? Not So Much.

Marriage from the outside looking in…

Silence is Golden?

The secret to “success” in long-term marriage… Silence?

Daddy Issues

Is a woman’s confidence defined by her relationship with her dad?

On Magic Bulbs and Average Marriages

Light bulbs and marital moments. Apples to oranges or something more?