Our Bodies, Ourselves, and Helen Mirren

The title was irresistible – This Just In!!! Read All About It!!! That was yesterday, on one of my favorite sites, written by the incredible Tish Jett, A Femme d’Un Certain Age. And the hot item? The fact that award-winning Helen Mirren, who just turned 66, had been graced with the title of Best Body, […]


It’s not just about eating right, sleeping enough, or regular exercise. It’s not just about washing your face and moisturizing a little, picking out the right Dior shadows for the lids, Lancome blush for the cheeks, Bobbi Brown for the lips. It’s not about the perfect Little Black Dress. (Sorry, Coco.) It’s more. So much […]

Al and Tipper Gore: What do you think?

Al and Tipper Gore Unless you’ve been living under a rock, by now you’ve heard the term gray divorce, likely in conjunction with the news that Al and Tipper Gore are splitting up after 40 years. Of course, the original announcement was followed by a claim that Al Gore’s marital defection was in fact the […]

It’s Complicated

Give me more Meryl. Give us all more Meryl.  Oh, I don’t mean it literally, though I’m enthralled watching Meryl Streep cast in any role. And thanks to cable television, I spent much of my wet weekend catching up on films I’d never seen in the theater. I thoroughly enjoyed the Oscar winning actress in […]

Women of style as well as accomplishment

Women of style and accomplishment? You bet. This year, the Academy Awards sparkled with women of style and accomplishment, along with prizes of historic significance. I loved the color palettes, and I loved Mo’Nique’s nod to Hattie McDaniel in her blue dress and white flower in the hair. And speaking of nods, pop over to […]