Rich Kids, Big Payoffs, Life Lessons

There’s no way I could ignore this news item on son of Sean (Diddy) Combs, who was reportedly awarded a full ride to UCLA, to the tune of $54,000/year. Justin Combs earned his merit scholarship, just like any other kid. Shouldn’t we reward those who work hard for what their brains and / or sweat […]

FAFSA Deadline, CSS. Muzzle the Ghazal for My Stress?

Lost your PIN or lost your mind? Think your taxes were a grind? FAFSA’s looming let’s just say, And CSS is days away. If you do misplace your PIN, Do not fret, you can get in. Duplicates may be obtained; The PIN site has a link for same. Oh, the joys of college years! But […]

Is college still the brass ring? (Teen stress, college prep, college applications)

Is college still the brass ring? With many parents financially strapped and savings wiped out, it’s only natural that we reconsider college for our sons and daughters. Once, it was a given that those four years meant the education needed to succeed, and essential experiences to test independence. My 18-year old is now a freshman […]