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A Smiling, Spontaneous Afternoon

Spontaneity. It's too easily set aside. Now and then, you need to let it rule the roost. So you go with the flow, you say yes to what feels good, and you remind yourself that the world won't really mind if you take an afternoon off. Letting the hours unfurl as they will, and enjoying whatever serendipity comes calling? The smiles that result feel wondrous. After taking care of a few essentials in my "real world" this morning, I deferred finishing up a planned post for the pleasure of my college son's company. He is home -- rare enough … [Read More...]

Working World

Man Looking Suspiciously at Co-Worker

Knowledge Hiding

When co-workers withhold key information, how do you do your job?

Lots of Money

More Money!

How much money would make you feel safe? How much would it take for you to feel “rich?”

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Cultural Musings

Women Friends Laughing

What Women Want

What women want… or so pop culture would have us believe.

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f Young People Using Social Media in Coffee Shop

The Softer Side of Social (Media)

Given how often I have raised the issue of TMI on the Internet, I am revisiting a Times article that speaks to the softer side of social media. And no, I don't mean little love notes left on Facebook or texts to our honeys. Nor do I mean the eloquent letters to our spouses, children, or … [Read More...]

f Woman Thinking About What She Is Writing

Curating Our Content (or Shutting Up)

Curating content. Do you know what it means? Do you do it? Do you curate your own and publish it, along with culling relevant verbal and visual gems produced by others? In an article I read a few weeks back, the topic was curating content -- our own content for personal purposes, as in the stream of … [Read More...]

f Woman Who Knows What She Wants

How to Get What You Want

Do you know how to get what you want? Do you find that getting what you want is a matter of your approach or your attitude, or does that depend? What about the support of others -- your team, your friends, your family? In a business context, all of the above are important. … [Read More...]

f Group of people running a race

On Moving Forward

When my younger son was pulling out all the stops to get good grades, complete research papers, and build portfolios to submit with college applications, I was understandably concerned about the amount of pressure he was under. Yet it was part of the process of moving forward, getting ahead, working toward goals. Isn't that … [Read More...]

f Little Girl on Vintage Typewriter

What Will You Be… When You Grow Up?

I remember typewriters -- first a Smith Corona, once an Olivetti, and eventually, a Selectric that I was allowed to use on occasion. It belonged to my mother, and I marveled at the miracle machine's whirring and high-pitched clickety clack, to say nothing of its efficiency. Eventually … [Read More...]

f Couple Enjoying Glass of Wine

Relationships Are Transactional

In business, transactional relationships make sense. No one will dispute "I give you this, you give me that." But what about transactional relationships in our personal lives? If someone remarks on the transactional nature of your marriage or your love affair, is that a problem? At first blush … [Read More...]

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How Many Times Have You Been in Love?

When I ran across a brief survey as to how many times people had been in love, I was surprised at the results. Three or four times was the most common finding, with two times taking second place. So how many times should we fall in love? How many times might we consider "normal?" This little survey … [Read More...]

f Mother and Sons Eating Pizza

Random Thoughts on Work and Motherhood

The irony of the headline was its location, bordering an oversize double-page spread of a young woman clutching a brightly colored designer bag, standing against a Photoshopped ocean and a lapis sky. Oh so chic. The headline, “Don’t call it vacation”, required nothing more than … [Read More...]

Mad Men Season 7 Episode 12 Peggy 115

Mad Men Season 7 Episode 12: Lost Horizon

For a time, Don Draper, Roger Sterling, Joan Harris and Peggy Olson had it all at SC&P. Their Shangri-La, though they may not have fully realized it. The agency was their place of peace and prosperity, and even a love for each other that resembles that of family. Then, they sold out. Or, depending on how you wish to interpret it … [Read More...]

Couple in Bed_He Sleeps_She is awake

An Expectation of Attention

Long days, long evenings, jammed weekends. So much time devoted to obligations, and so little attention focused on the relationships that count. Does that sound familiar? A few months back, beyond sharing conversation over dinner -- admittedly distracted while doing so -- I wasn't able to spend … [Read More...]

Mature Woman with Coffee

How to Find Yourself After 50

It isn't that I went looking for myself at 50. Not exactly. But how to find yourself at any age, when you feel you've been lost, is an unsettling prospect. Finding yourself at 50 or after... terrifying. Maybe you've spent years in a marriage in which you tamped down the desire to start a business, to get a graduate degree, to have … [Read More...]

Talking and Contemplating

Does Talking About Our Problems Really Help?

Does talking about our problems really help? Do we talk more freely about our issues than we did a decade ago? Are we more willing to open up about the spouse or kids, a health concern, or troubles at work? Are we more likely to get into the guts of society's demands as to … [Read More...]

f Mad Men Season 7 Episode 11 Joan Roger Don Ted

Mad Men Season 7 Episode 11: Time and Life

Could there be a more succinct, summarizing title for Mad Men's Episode 11 than "Time and Life?" Talk about spotlighting our awareness of how little time remains, how quickly things can change, and what yields our greatest sense of accomplishment in life. Just as we were focused on Don Draper's potential demise (last week), all eyes … [Read More...]

Daily Plate of Crazy Couple after argument on sofa

Picking Your (Relationship) Battles

The proverbial relationship wisdom when it comes to disagreements? Pick your battles to better keep the peace, and fight the good fight when it counts. Easier said than done? Could be. As a proponent of the pick your battles school of thought -- with a lover, a spouse … [Read More...]

f Woman Multitasking in Car_Talking_Drinking_Driving

The Benefits of Doing One Thing at a Time

Yesterday was a productive day. For a change, I proceeded through my list of tasks by doing one thing at a time, curious to see the benefits. I stuck to one sticky, if you will... instead of my usual eight or nine. Now, I've had many productive days lately, but … [Read More...]

f Big Announcement headline

Headline Headache: Sex, Sizzle, Search and Share

I couldn't stop chuckling as I read The Times public editor's commentary on the erosion of the fine art of headline writing. So what's your pleasure -- title for shock, for amusement, for clarity, for searchability, and more? In Hey Google! Check Out This Column on Headlines, I was reminded … [Read More...]

f Don and Sally Mad Men Season 7 Episode 10

Mad Men Season 7 Episode 10 The Forecast (Is Bleak)

Just how disturbing is it that Don Draper cannot imagine the future -- and he isn't the only one? Peggy is in the same boat to a degree, and likewise Ted, though neither of them seems concerned. Might Matthew Weiner in his own way be having a little macabre fun … [Read More...]

f Beautiful African American Woman Thinking 750

Doing the Right Thing for Your Relationship

When we're in a relationship, "doing the right thing" can become a complicated equation. Perhaps we're trying to decide if we should stay or go, how honestly to express to a partner what we want, or making a determination to speak up about sex, money, or marriage. We may wish we could make decisions in a vacuum, but the reality … [Read More...]