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Cold and Snowy

With much of the country blanketed by cold and snow, it's hard to imagine that March is the month that goes out "like a lamb." It is certainly the time of year when I used to gather my pennies and head South; living in the Northeast, it was thoughts of Florida that kept me going until mid-March. No need for Florida for yours truly, though … [Read More...]


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Man Looking in the Mirror

When a Hard Look Is in Order

We gaze into the mirror and indulge in soul-searching. Well... Some of us gaze, and some of us indulge in soul-searching. Reflection, even without an explicit purpose, can be revealing. So why not devote a little time to introspection? Aren't there insights to be gained? On the other hand, taking a hard look … [Read More...]

Old Radio 2

Bob Steele

by Brian Sorrell Back then, you could say social media was the radio and our influencers, the broadcasters we relied on. My source was 1080 AM -- we all listened to AM in those days -- and the man to follow was Bob Steele. He was the one they called when snow … [Read More...]

Happy Woman Smiling 750

Women Are Emotional. Get Over It!

Are women too emotional? What's your immediate (emotional) reaction to that question? Does it prickle? Are you rolling your eyes? Are you nodding in affirmation, and if so -- why? I couldn't resist exploring an opinion piece at the Sunday Times that addresses our cultural propensity for labeling women … [Read More...]

Pink Sex Pill

Sex Pill for Women?

I've been wondering about the sex pill for women for several years now, or rather, the absence of any erotic elixir -- a little pink pill -- to prop up flagging female sexual desire. After all, the guys are armed to battle erectile dysfunction and low T, but where's my sexy cocktail to amp up my amorous outlook? What are a woman's safe … [Read More...]

Beautiful Woman Flashing Smile

Smile! It’s Good for Your Health

You're running errands and the traffic is nasty, the weather is nastier, and your mood is increasingly foul. Then you hear your mother's wisdom: Smile, it's good for you. And so you do. You smile. That's when you feel the near immediate results: The knot between your shoulder blades loosens … [Read More...]

Impatient Customers in Line at Coffee Shop

Quality Queuing: Why Not?

The premise is as follows: If you're in line queuing for something, it must be something good. Either you're waiting for an item or service of excellent quality, or for a surprisingly friendly price. So suggests an article in The Times, proposing that when we're stuck in line, we should think of what we stand to gain. Good one. … [Read More...]

Sad Young Woman on Couch 750x475

Feeling Blue? Seasonal Affective Doom and Gloom

Even in parts of the country where winter has been relatively mild -- no onslaught of record-breaking snow or cold, no weeks on end of shoveling, no three foot drifts that may be fun for the kiddos but exhausting for the adults -- it's hard not to feel the drag of the chillier months. Skies are … [Read More...]

Change Is Good 700x450

Why Change Is Good

Why do people say that change is good -- when it can be so disruptive? And when we know that not all change is good, though some may try to convince us otherwise? Here are a few of my top reasons for liking change, and frequently forcing myself to embark on a project that eases me into adjusting my ways of thinking and being. … [Read More...]

Young Woman Contemplating Marriage 700x430

I Love You, But I Don’t Want to Marry You

The words repeat in my head: I love him, but I don’t want to marry him; I love him, but I don’t want to marry him yet; I love him, but I don’t know if I can give him what he wants – if what he wants is that traditional commitment. The words circle again, though twisting their tune slightly: I love him, but I don’t always like him; I love him, but … [Read More...]

Business man in reading glasses 2

Stay-At-Home-Dad Looking for a New Job?

It isn't only women who are challenged by re-entry into the workforce after years of raising children. Stay-At-Home-Dads looking for new jobs face struggles they may not have anticipated. While we may take on the task of crafting a creative letter as a means of working through ambivalence and frustration -- and do so with great style … [Read More...]

Father and Child Sleeping

Cover Letter From a Stay-At-Home-Dad

by Brian Sorrell Dear Hiring Manager, Excuse me if this seems sloppy, but it’s been at least five years since I last drafted a cover letter, which I know because I’m about to celebrate the fifth anniversary at my current job. My job as a dad. They say to play down the stay-at-home-parent thing when you’re trying to re-enter the workforce … [Read More...]

Beautiful Smiling African American Woman

Best Places to Live for Singles

I was single at 20 and single at 30, and to my surprise, single (again) as I slammed into 50. I could have used a good resource on best places to live for singles, not only once - but twice. Naturally, what we want in a partner will change over time, just as our needs change when it comes to housing. At 25, we may have the stamina for … [Read More...]

Personal Essays on Food and Love

Personal Essays: Food and Love

Who doesn't love "love?" Who doesn't love food? Who doesn't adore food essays, in particular when they link precious memories to breaking bread with the most important people in our lives? Whatever the time of year, and certainly on special occasions and holidays, most of us celebrate over a bite or a drink. We are stirred by … [Read More...]

Redhead Covering Her Mouth

Why Are You Talking to Yourself? (Who, ME?)

I should have paid attention to the telltale signs. I was talking to myself, and not quietly either. Then again, at least I was chattering aloud in the car, alone. Come to think of it, I talk to myself frequently, though not always so anyone else could hear. But why? Why the constancy of inner dialog, why more at some times than others … [Read More...]

Painting a Wall Red with Brush

Designing… Daily

When asked how I approach the blank page, I liken the process to the way I approach an empty room when allowed to fill it to my personal taste. Similarly, when faced with an empty room, my take on designing and decorating the space resembles my daily process as a writer. What about you? When given a creative task, where do you begin? … [Read More...]

Mature Woman Pretty Blue Eyes

Working Women, Depression, Slanted Headlines

I was stunned at the implications referenced by this brief post at 3Plus International, which addresses research on career women, depression, and positions of "authority." As reproduced in numerous press outlets, and as captured by a succinct (misleading) headline, we seem to be cautioned that "job authority adds to depression" … [Read More...]

Thoughtful 40 year old woman

The Pros and Cons of (Serial) Sexual Monogamy

Sexual monogamy is traditionally considered mating for life. Serial monogamy may be considered mating for finite periods of time. Is monogamy of some type always the right answer? Is it better than the alternatives? Or is monogamy irrelevant? Is monogamy natural or unnatural, or is that in fact of little importance? We hear … [Read More...]


(Un)Popular Culture

It was a quiet evening like any other when the weary gentleman sitting next to me in bed unceremoniously fell asleep. It was only eight at night, and we had just settled in to enjoy the two-hour Season 4 opener of Downton Abbey. Though my companion snoozed, I watched the episode in its entirety. A few nights later I tried … [Read More...]