Emotionally Needy Parents

Deeply caring parents help us feel safe. Emotionally needy parents can cripple us.

Why Kids Are Hard on Marriage

Marriage problems after kids? Welcome to Reality.

Cooking With the Kid

Cooking up communications… in the kitchen.

More Money!

How much money would make you feel safe? How much would it take for you to feel “rich?”

The Sharing Model for Work and Family

Flexibility for working mothers means a bigger picture view than most discussions address.

Feet on Ice, a Taste of Home

The Bard would not be happy with my verse; this mother’s tale… believe me, could be worse.

“You’re Just Like Your…” (Fill in the Blank)

Compare and contrast? Not a good idea when you’re talking to kids, lovers, or spouses.

James’ Father

Reflections on a proud dad, by Scott Behson.

Common Sense and (Early) Childhood Education

Giving our children the right start. ALL our children.

School Bus Blues? Not Exactly.

Back to school, and a rush of memories.