The Sharing Model for Work and Family

Flexibility for working mothers means a bigger picture view than most discussions address.

Feet on Ice, a Taste of Home

The Bard would not be happy with my verse; this mother’s tale… believe me, could be worse.

“You’re Just Like Your…” (Fill in the Blank)

Compare and contrast? Not a good idea when you’re talking to kids, lovers, or spouses.

James’ Father

Reflections on a proud dad, by Scott Behson.

Common Sense and (Early) Childhood Education

Giving our children the right start. ALL our children.

School Bus Blues? Not Exactly.

Back to school, and a rush of memories.

A Measure of Values

How we spend our time and money, with a nod to Lifehack.

Authority Problems? Nah. But Don’t Tell Me What to Do!

Is it odd to rebel… or only to rebel late?

Have Daughters… Will Divorce?

Relationship conflict as a predictor of divorce? I’ll buy that. And what role do children play in that conflict?

No Red, No White, a Little Blue

Holidays. Summer. A college kid making a (painful) point.