Have Daughters… Will Divorce?

Relationship conflict as a predictor of divorce? I’ll buy that. And what role do children play in that conflict?

No Red, No White, a Little Blue

Holidays. Summer. A college kid making a (painful) point.

A Nod to the Dads

The legacies of our fathers. A collection of stories and posts.

Dad Does Bedtime… Better

The importance of dads reading to their children…

Boys to Men

A single mother’s musing on boys, men, and our role in creating both.

Family Values

Knowing what we value in the families we construct…

My Father, As I Remember Him

Childhood memories of a dad gone too soon, with a little help from those who knew him.

The Importance of the Father-Daughter Relationship

Think dads aren’t critically important to their daughters? Think again.

The Case for Consideration

Quiet conversations, that remind us what we’ve built.


The pleasure of his company… with or without dirty socks.