My Son, the Fix-It Man

We help fix the world for our kids; as they grow, they return the favor.

Do Married Men Make the Best Employees?

When married men are paid more, and it is assumed they are more productive employees.

Childcare Expenses Don’t Stop at Age 5

Childcare costs a small fortune, and the need for options doesn’t stop at pre-K.

A Talk About “The Talk”

Talking race relations around the dinner table.

Choosing Sides

Taking sides has pros and cons, depending on the situation.

Just Because It’s Different, Doesn’t Mean It’s Wrong

There isn’t always a right way and a wrong way.

Cost of Raising a Child: 2014

Interesting (dismal?) data on the cost of raising children, 2014.

“Discordant Expectations in Marriage”

Marriage expectations + marriage reality = gender gap. Surprise, surprise.

Emotionally Needy Parents

Deeply caring parents help us feel safe. Emotionally needy parents can cripple us.

Why Kids Are Hard on Marriage

Marriage problems after kids? Welcome to Reality.