Once in a Blue Moon

I remember watching Moonstruck many years ago, with its stunning, jaw-dropping moon that hung like a brilliant disk in the night sky. It was the perfect touch in a quirky film populated by eccentric characters, as they pieced together their unusual love lives.

But once in a blue moon (if we’re lucky), the stars seem to align, the gods grant grace, and we find ourselves in the right place at the right time. We collide with a heavenly body of our own, enjoying a romantic moment, or something more enduring.

Last night I was looking forward to the promise of the “blue moon,” and hoping to catch a glimpse.

Of course, I also anticipated a blue aura of some sort, which wasn’t the case at all.

I did peek outside, I did walk down the street, I did reach the ideal clearing in the trees overhead. Then I saw it – the moon – startlingly bright and crisp, and quite dazzling!

Your Tango suggests that a blue moon could cast its spell over you, as we seem to imbue this particular occurrence with a bit of magic. But, while infrequent, the blue moon actually occurs every 2.7 years making the expression “once in a blue moon” more than a sliver inaccurate.

But don’t discount the full moon of any sort, when it comes to enhancing your weekend’s romantic prospects. At least, so says Your Tango.

They clarify:

… since summer is often associated with fleeting flings, this weekend implicitly marks the transition from temporary trysts to prolonged passion…

Trysting, anyone?

Here’s hoping that’s a yes. And surely a few more nights of moon glow could entice you to consider your amorous options.

As for yours truly, I may take a cue from that elegant orb and add a twist of tryst. It is, after all, the weekend. A girl has to set aside her keyboard and… put her fine footwear to good use.

Once in a blue moon.

© D. A. Wolf



  1. lunaboogie says

    Reminds of a tryst I had on a blue moon night in the 80s. Much of that night was spent in an outdoor hot tub with my new lover, gazing at that moon.

  2. says

    Moonstruck is one of my favorite albeit quirky movies. I love the soundtrack too. And i say yes yes to leaving the keyboard and stepping into a late summer tryst!

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