The Ex Factor

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  1. Never went back to an old boyfriend or my ex husband except one. I have been seeing someone on and off for 10 years with years in between of not speaking (terrible breakup) then a break then back and now I think on a permanent break. Just friends. We have been lovers, friends with benefits, friends without (current state). We have this weird connection-can’t explain it. I had an easier time divorcing my ex after 20 years then extricating myself from this guy. Not sure why. But now I don’t event think about it. I am 63 and truly don’t give a shit what anyone thinks. I once did a married guy when I was single and I won’t do that ever again. Interesting blog today.

    • BigLittleWolf says:

      Why is today’s particularly interesting, Madgew? (Just curious.)

      I do find the progression of lovers to friends-with-benefits to friends to be an interesting one. (I’ve experienced my own variations on that theme in the past.) As for those weird (and special?) connections, I think they’re great.

  2. I just cannot see myself with my ex husband nor any of the men who have had a place in my life since. Except one man whom I save for those special occasions. But certainly the romance has gone. Great article though. I know many a couple who have re-married the same people.

  3. Thank you for asking and for the good thoughts. It is actually not a bad job at all but it is a mess of a place that will take me years to clean up. Job security?
    Hope all is also well with you. Will you be fattening up the boys for Thanksgiving? :)

  4. An ex, older and wiser, can be irresistible. Sort of like a killed virus.

    As to ignoring the code there was this enlightening essay in Good Men’s project last week: My Father Made Me Want to Cheat on My Husband

  5. I can’t confirm nor deny any of your points. I’ve never reconciled with an old flame. Maybe it’s my stubbornness or bad breakups. So I’m interested in what others’ experiences have been.
    Deja Vow recently posted…The Happiness Project: Part 1My Profile

    • BigLittleWolf says:

      I’m curious, too, DejaVow… Don and Betty did it… ;)

      • DA I had never seen this article. That said you can never go home. In essence if you broke it off there was a reason. If the other party did there was a reason. Things change and especially in cases of bad timing I guess I should never say never, but it seems a little masochistic.

        • BigLittleWolf says:

          It does seem a little massochistic, I agree. I suppose it depends on circumstances. Not something I can imagine…

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