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    Never went back to an old boyfriend or my ex husband except one. I have been seeing someone on and off for 10 years with years in between of not speaking (terrible breakup) then a break then back and now I think on a permanent break. Just friends. We have been lovers, friends with benefits, friends without (current state). We have this weird connection-can’t explain it. I had an easier time divorcing my ex after 20 years then extricating myself from this guy. Not sure why. But now I don’t event think about it. I am 63 and truly don’t give a shit what anyone thinks. I once did a married guy when I was single and I won’t do that ever again. Interesting blog today.

    • BigLittleWolf says

      Why is today’s particularly interesting, Madgew? (Just curious.)

      I do find the progression of lovers to friends-with-benefits to friends to be an interesting one. (I’ve experienced my own variations on that theme in the past.) As for those weird (and special?) connections, I think they’re great.

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    I just cannot see myself with my ex husband nor any of the men who have had a place in my life since. Except one man whom I save for those special occasions. But certainly the romance has gone. Great article though. I know many a couple who have re-married the same people.

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    Thank you for asking and for the good thoughts. It is actually not a bad job at all but it is a mess of a place that will take me years to clean up. Job security?
    Hope all is also well with you. Will you be fattening up the boys for Thanksgiving? :)

      • Curtis says

        DA I had never seen this article. That said you can never go home. In essence if you broke it off there was a reason. If the other party did there was a reason. Things change and especially in cases of bad timing I guess I should never say never, but it seems a little masochistic.

        • BigLittleWolf says

          It does seem a little massochistic, I agree. I suppose it depends on circumstances. Not something I can imagine…

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