The Morning View After a Win

“It’s all about the glasses,” he said.

I shot him a glance. He grinned. “How can you type without looking?”

I just smiled. And kept typing. Like a little Cheshire cat with a cup of coffee by the bed.

“If you pass me my glasses I can see what you’re doing.”

“I’m not sure I want you to see what I’m doing,” I said.

I passed him the glasses all the same.

“Nice view,” he said.

I blushed. I’m certain of it. Then turned to him and grinned again.

“The trees,” he clarified.


Then I heard the alarm. Saturday morning! How on earth could I have left the alarm set on the weekend! And then I remembered. Last night. The big Win. Three of them in fact. I may have been dreaming about a romantic liaison – or the morning after – but the reality was that Friday night had brought some excellent news. For my son.

College acceptance, with scholarships.

One of his top choices. And two others. A dream come true. For him. And for me.

The morning view after a win is sweet indeed.

© D A Wolf



  1. Wow BLW! Such wonderful news. Glad to hear it this Saturday morning. Congratulations to you and him! Hope you revel in it. xoxo

  2. batticus says:

    That is great news, congratulations! And it is all about the glasses and bringing things into focus.

    • BigLittleWolf says:

      @Rudri – thanks! (My son is feeling sooooo good.)
      @batticus – yes! It is about focus, with a side dish of perspective, and a heap of gratitude on top!

  3. A reward for all of the hard work! How wonderful!

  4. Congratulations! For both of you!

  5. Congratulations, wonderful. Although the whole college business is still such a mess, as you well know by now. Glad it worked out in this instance.

  6. Terrific news!!! Be very proud…of him and yourself.

  7. OMG. Such good news. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. And yet again most wonderful!

  8. NoNameRequired says:

    Huzzah and let some moongazing be in the cards this evening.

  9. OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! Worthy of a big Cheshire Cat grin! Fabulous news for everyone. I’m so happy for you both. Somehow those words just don’t seem to describe the joy. Congrats, mom! You hung in there and now you can breathe…and sleep.

  10. That is SOOOOOOOOOOOO awesome. You’ve made my day. Congrats to you and him… what a huge accomplishment all around.

    Delia Lloyd

  11. High-fives from the southern hemisphere!! A few air-karate moves, and a leap into the air. Heh-heh!

  12. Time to put down the glasses and pick up a glass. Kudos!

  13. He got his “break” and then some! Congratulations to you both! A very well-deserved win!!

  14. A milestone achieved. A young man preparing for another phase of his life.

    With that out of the way (in a sense), what of you?

    • BigLittleWolf says:

      Thank you Andrew, Gandalfe, Delia, April – everybody! And this, of course, is motivation for him to keep plugging away at the considerable amount of work that remains. (And this weekend, I definitely raised a glass, yes!)

      As for moi – and what’s next – hard to even imagine. But it’s a question I need to pose to myself – like any parent at this stage. Especially the single parents. (A rolling stone, as they say?)

  15. I’m late to the news but I need to tell you that I am so genuinely happy for you and your son. To have your dreams realized from your hard work – priceless.

    • BigLittleWolf says:

      Thanks, Cathy. For him to have a shot at his dreams – that’s my dream, and yes, the result of years of work for him – and me. We all want that shot, don’t we? And it isn’t always a given. He has more schools to hear from, still, but knowing he has choices really lifts a lot of pressure around here.

  16. BLW, this is momentous news! Congrats! I’m so incredibly pleased for you both.

  17. Congratulations to you both! That IS terrific news, and what a huge boost for the weekend. I imagine your son is over the moon :)

    • BigLittleWolf says:

      Thanks, CT. He’s tired. Des examens oraux, comme en Europe, encore. But over the moon – yes!

  18. FANTASTIC!!! So happy for both of you. Indeed hard work has its benefits and joys.

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