Bad Mood? Let’s Bitch!!

There is always another side. Another story. On the other end of the phone line or behind the deli counter. The sullen neighbor, taking out his garbage can. Or the truth behind the man or woman who disappears from your life without explanation. There are overworked employees at the big company who screw up. Maybe […]

How to write a thank you note

Satiny stationery with your monogram? A fine, textured linen that feels light as a feather? Or do you prefer a gold-embossed note card? Yes. Sit. Savor your favorite ballpoint pen, or better yet, a sublime Waterman fountain pen (oh, a woman can dream). Let the ink flow languidly across the page. Take pleasure in the […]

I did what I was told

Whatever it was, I did what I was told, the quintessential good girl following the rules: I studied, I smiled, I won awards, I did not rebel, I lived with secrets. I followed the rules and did not cheat though I saw others do so and prosper; I followed the rules and did not lie […]


Yes, it’s that time of year. Dammit. Pulling papers together. Searching through piles for receipts. Shuffling through forms and instructions to take care of taxes. Funny that we say things are “taxing” when they are endlessly wearying. As language usage, is that the chicken or the egg? Tax season When tax season rolls around, I […]

Failure to Thrive

Is existence, in and of itself, a legitimate source of hope? Is any source of hope legitimate? I was reading from a collection of short stories last week. “The Best American Short Stories, 2009,” to be precise. It was an uncharacteristically jubilant burst of reading (no interruptions), and eventually, I circled back to the introduction […]

Real Housewives, Real Adults, Real Friends?

I’ll fess up. I spent three hours the other night (happily) watching Bravo TV. Yep, those Housewives again. Embarrassing Behaviors First I watched the Real Housewives of Orange County (the Reunion Show, in two parts). Then I watched the newest episode of Real Housewives of New York. Twice. Okay, make that four hours of Reality […]

This Is Not Me

Wondering who I am? What I look like? What “sort” I am? See this fab woman? She likes her words. She has cool red glasses. She can even concentrate under a strange, retro, hair heating device. Oh, it’s in the name of beauty. Fine. I totally get that. We women go to great lengths in […]

Stereotypes, Generalizations, and Judgments are BAD. Or Am I Being Too Judgmental?

Are all stereotypes true? When we generalize about people or a place, is that bad? Is judging something as “bad” – bad? Stereotypes and generalizations Yesterday I wrote about why I find France, and French men irresistible. And everything I wrote  was based on my truths. As for the stereotypes and generalizations about French men? […]