Are you a hottie?

Are you a hottie? Come on. Admit it. You’ve got to have at least one feature (or move) that you know drives your lover or spouse wild.

Hot, hottie, hot!

I happened to turn on Bravo TV’s Chef Academy while doing the dishes one night last week. OH MY HOT FLASHES. What a hottie that Jean Christophe Novelli is! No wonder he’s been deemed the sexiest chef on the planet – even my planet. And no, it isn’t just because he’s French (though that doesn’t hurt). It’s the total package – those dark features, his voice, his confidence.

Is he cocky as hell? Mais oui! Rude at times? Well, it’s certainly been edited to appear that way. But we aren’t talking about manners or reality TV tricks. We’re talking heat wave! Just the right temperature to bring my simmer to a boil, and ooooooo baby, that’s one chef who can stir my chocolate pot!

What do you find sexy… about yourself?

Come on. You can do it. You’ve probably had a few, um, refreshments. It’s the weekend. The holiday parties have begun. So spill. No – not your Johnny Walker. Think about what makes you sexy, what earns you the hot-hottie-hot designation, with your man, your woman, or your crowd, of choice.

My little contribution to the conversation?

You already know that when it comes to men, I think smart is sexy. I think it’s sexy in both men and women, and my imagination (yes, I did just say that) is verrrrrry mischievous when it comes to close encounters of the third (date?) kind.

Unfortunately, it has been my experience that men don’t find “smart” to be sexy in women. Well shame on them! Because smart means playful, creative and open-minded, which translates to the boudoir, the bathtub, or the boondocks.

Less cerebral assets?

We’re all aware of the obvious attractions, along with the cheery smile and sunny disposition – the way you move, the way you dress, or undress… these are not to be dismissed either.

Along with my inquiring mind, I can still fall back on an asset or two – the ever classic cleavage, a pair of well-turned ankles (and yes, they come avec stilettos), but I suspect it’s the way I look at someone, when I choose to, that reveals a certain desire for desire.

So. Do you know what makes you hot?

Test your HotQ

Yes – test your HotQ! Your Hotness Quotient. (Read this in the evening. Forget the dishes and tomorrow’s presentation. Pour another martini.)

Do you realize what makes you sexy? I bet you have a good idea. Dare to write it! And if you aren’t sure, ask the one who enjoys it with you. Then test your hotness factor. Tweak it, expand your repertoire, push the temperature closer to the red zone.

Flip through the fantasy file and see what you haven’t tried yet (holiday lighting for a southern expedition certainly got my attention – no batteries required). And as the French would say (or those who fantasize of blacksmiths): C’est en forgeant qu’on devient le forgeron. Practice makes perfect.

Any blacksmiths in the house?

Yes, I know. This is a very PG-13 post (for me), but it’s Sunday morning. I’m in bed. No Bloody Mary delivered on a silver tray by a hottie with simmering eyes and low-register, rumbling French, offering to serve me the long, smooth celery garnish, up close and personal. I do so love the morning, for blacksmithing.

You all have very exciting things to tell. I’m sure. It’s now or never. Well, never say never – but why not now?

Share your HotQ tidbits while there’s holiday hotness through December 12, allowing you to bask in blissful blitzed blogging, bodacious boasting, and bountiful bragging about boobs, butts, baby blues and any other bits, bytes, and bites about being hot-hottie-hot. And ’tis the season of giving, after all. Temperatures are dropping outside, so it’s time to turn up the heat, inside.

So what makes you a hottie?

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  1. says

    Haha! This post made me laugh. Yes, I suppose I am a hottie. It’s funny I am at my parent’s house this weekend and was looking back at pictures from when I was in high school when I was most definitely NOT a hottie- I can’t put my finger on what has changed (other than the fact that I have since discovered beauty and styling products) but I suppose it is confidence. I am a lot more confident than I used to be.

  2. BigLittleWolf says

    Yes, BRAVERY. When we actually talk to each other – openly (as openly as we can) – we realize how much alike we are in much of what we want and need. We also see ways in which we’re different, and can learn from each other. And perhaps, bravely try something new. A little daring. More than a little daring.

    Looking forward to reading your piece at Momalom. And looking forward to your musings on what makes you hot! (Smiling.)

  3. Nicki says

    Oh, BLW, I so am sure what direction I am going to aim my mind as I drink tonight or tomorrow night. I may have to post a rating on that blog entry but it will be good, I promise!

  4. says

    This post is hot.

    In men, I like broad shoulders and quiet intelligence. Husband (who happens to be quite a hottie) emailed me the other day with some thoughts he had about my blog post that day. In his short email, he unfurled metaphors and asked profound questions and got me thinking. Forget flowers. This was so beyond sexy.

  5. says

    God I really don’t know. What I can tell you is that when I was ‘with’ this one woman I was seeing, I left the bed sans-pj’s to go to the bathroom. On my walk away from the bed, she said to me, “you’re a beautiful man Steve.” Now exactly what she was looking at when that popped into her head one could only guess 😉

    I hear you on the intelligence thing. I KNOW I am attracted to smart women. After all, it is not all about the sex, right? Another occasion found me at a restaurant with a woman who was, well to put it kindly, not a conversationalist. After a while of numbing silence, I resorted to kicking her under the table to bring her back into a conversation. Needless to say, there was not a second dinner.

  6. BigLittleWolf says

    You couldn’t be more right. Forget flowers. Brains & attentiveness. It’s the sexiest stuff around (which doesn’t mean broad shoulders aren’t hot-hottie-hot!!) And don’t think I didn’t notice you side-stepped the question. What makes you hot? (Ask the husband. He’ll tell you. Then report back! Before or after a half-drunken piece of writing.)

  7. says

    hmmm, Thought provoking. I was a professional athlete for several years and I used to get girls telling me they liked my legs (I ran shorter distances which required more strength training). Other than that I can’t say anybody has ever approached me to compliment me on any aspect of my looks (except when I was a substitute teacher and some 8th grader said she liked my eyes, that was a little weird).

    I’m not particularly attracted to brainy girls. I am however attracted to non-traditional girls. I like the type of girl who isn’t afraid to speak her mind, dye her hair pink (or blue or whatever) and wear leather pants. Can’t believe I just said that. Oh well. :-)

  8. says

    Am I allowed to swear here? Cause FUCK if I know what makes me hot anymore. Three kids. Post-baby body. Should we just make this the official half-drunk challenge topic because it’s fa-fa-fabulous.

    Hot? My ass, I think. Whether it’s big (fat and pregnant) or little (actually running again) my man seems to be an ass-grabber. No, wait. An ass-slapper. Perhaps I should end the details there and reserve them for my own half-drunk post. But I think I want to be fully drunk so as to avoid all real responsibility.

    Perfect post, BLW. Perfecto!

  9. says

    I’m with Aidan and Steve: smart is sexy in both men and women. Husband is gifted with many appealing physical assets, but it’s his mind, his sense of humor, and his intelligent kindness that get me every time.

    As for us ladies and the physical realm, I think there is some real power in nice collarbones.

  10. says

    I am definitely into smart hots. if you can crack a joke about why there is no right way to eat a Reeses, will always get my attention. Witty and smart will get my attention every time… it’s just plain hot.

    And, then it will be the eyes. I’m big into eyes, they draw me in.

    Bubbly personality is a problem, since I knew some women who “acted” this way and I knew their personality outside of that act and it really made it difficult to go anywhere beyond friends (Kelly Pickler comes to mind at doing this, I have caught her being smart and then go bubbly ditzy a minute later… with a “ooopsy, me not smart attitude”. Not cool. She lost authentic points)

    Oh, and heels…

  11. says

    Oops, got caught up in what makes someone else hot.

    hmm, you know I’ve never thought of myself as hot. I was lifeguard in my early years, so I have the broad shoulders. Had the sixpack, was a track runner.

    But, I’m not too sure. I’ve never been told what things about me equate to hot.

    Oh, I do remember recently that I dated someone who really liked my butt…

    Okay, so I guess I’m leaving it to my broad shoulders and butt.

  12. says

    You know what? I need to give this post some thought. I’m pretty sure my three-babies-up-to-a-DDD-and-back-down-to-an-A-again tits? (If I may speak bluntly.) Not so hot anymore. And the stretch marks across my hips? Also not. And the zoned-out-not-always-working-brain which I used to think was smart, sexy? {sigh} But. Time to quit thinking about what used to be and think about what is now. There’s something there. Thanks for reminding me to look for it.

    (And those heels? Are hot.)

  13. BigLittleWolf says

    Now it’s morning. All the kids are in school. You’re surrounded by cold white stuff. You may be expecting friends to drop by… heat up with something fiery (and alcoholic), and give it some thought. CLEARLY with six kids you’ve got a significant HotQ. (We want to know the secret.)

  14. says

    Yes, I am a hottie but not in your typical, supermodel way. I am moderately thin in a voluptuous way with large hips and full breasts and wild, uncontrollably curly hair. I have been told that my eyes are as green as the Connecticut River, which is a murky sort of green and that my bee sting lips would have been more appreciated in the fifties.

    I remember I had an acquaintance once stop in the middle of a conversation we were having and say, “did you know that you are beautiful?” as if he had just discovered it that second.

    It’s true, I have those looks that blossom as you talk to me suddenly confusing you and making you wonder why you didn’t notice me earlier. Usually this happens after you have engaged my sense of humor and once you are hooked I lure you into my lair with eye contact and appreciation for all that you have to say, as long as you are not boring or too self absorbed.

    The more raw, honest and kind you are the more I become a hot mass of steamy love holding on to your every intelligent word and if you are funny and entice me with tales of adventure than I am yours hook line and sinker grabbing you by the collar and dragging you down to the bathroom to inhale your aroma and awaken your senses so you never want to leave me.

    That is me, looking for substance in every man I meet and when I find it I am hungry impatiently wanting to find out more and get to the core of what makes him exist.

    Or at least that was me, before I found a man who enticed me so much that I married him and had three boys with him.

  15. BigLittleWolf says

    This is fabulous fabulous fabulous!! The confidence and self-awareness that comes through is a wonderful model for so many women who don’t think it is okay to own their sexiness. Now – I suspect that even after marrying and three boys you are still VERY hot in your husband’s eyes – and most likely – more than just your husband. Those qualities of engagement that you spoke of (and your awareness of that and how to enjoy it) – they don’t just disappear. They may change a little – but they don’t evaporate.

    AND – you really need to take this delicious expression of self right over to the half-drunk challenge at whether you are half-asleep, half-drunk-with-boy-laundry, or half-hottie-licious after a great night with your husband – and place your hotness on the page over there for other women to see! (And consider that you may just be even sexier now, having given life, and participating in the partnership of couplehood and building family.)

  16. says

    I had a girlfriend a few years back who insisted I was hot. Every time she said it, it made me uncomfortable. I’m just a guy! Who happens to be handsome, incredibly smart, witty, charming … hahahahahahaha Just kidding!!!

  17. says

    Ha – what fun! Let’s see… my hair, being blessed with brains, my mom’s fountain-of-youth-genes… some say I can be rather sexy in conversation… and, I enjoy getting dolled up every now and then and making some heads turn!

  18. says

    I don’t know precisely what makes me hot, I just know the moment I realize that everyone around me (ok, just Husband) thinks I am hot, I turn tomato red and stammer like I just got electroshock therapy.

  19. says

    I had to come back and let you know that like Sarah, my husband is also an ass slapper and you are right, he thinks I am hot and is all over my hotness when I am… in the kitchen in my negligee six inch stilettos cooking him a wonderful dinner with an open bottle of wine… which is never and so you are right again, he attacks me in my office as I blog or on top of the piles of clean laundry, when ever he can and where ever he can.

    Thanks for recommending me to join the half-drunk challenge which I fully intend on doing but I’m waiting to come home and write it tomorrow night after letting loose a little at my friends cocktail party.

    As for being sexier now with three crazy boys at my heels? I guess you could say that I’m still sexy as I need sex with my husband more than ever to keep us both sane.

  20. says

    I know I’m late chiming in but I just discovered this post and owning my positive attributes is something I’m trying to work on.

    I’m hot because:
    I speak French. I wear librarian glasses. I have a Southern accent and a really nice ass.

  21. says

    Yay! Another person late to the discussion! I read this post shortly after BLW posted it and I thought I’d think about a response and post it later. It’s later and I still don’t have a response to the question.

    Truth is, I have no idea what makes me a hottie. Or maybe I get mucked up with the question because I really don’t believe I am a hottie. I mean, I’m just me. I’m fun. I’m feminine but I’m also sporty can be tough as nails if need be. (Just try endangering my child and see what happens). I can flirt and I can kick ’em to the curb with the best of them but I prefer a more authentic style of relating. But none of this except the fun femininity would you see on first glance.

    Maybe, when people call me a hottie, I should (instead of thanking them and dismissing their comments as being just some nice unfounded comment) ask them what they consider a “hottie”.

    I’ll take a stab at it anyway…gads…this is tough…but here goes…

    I could pass for someone 15 years younger (but I’d never ever try, thanks mom for the great genetics!), my eyes, my lips, my curves, my brains, my humor that plays on my smile daily and the fact that I do still have all original body parts including my teeth, and all those parts look damn good, if I do say so myself.

  22. says

    “Are you a hottie?”

    I think that may be oxymoronic for a Quaker.

    Once dated a woman of that variety (I’m a guy, maybe I’m just making “hottie” synonymous with sex, the whole sex and nothing but the sex) — very interesting. The one that thought that talking got in the way of more sex. The relationship that was just for fun. But they can never be “just” for fun. Or maybe that’s where we differed. Maybe the Quaker non-hottie in me.
    (I can understand spell-check not recognizing “hottie” but after all, oxymoronic IS in the unabridged.)

  23. BigLittleWolf says

    OMG the kick under the table makes me laugh! Well score (cough, choke) one for the good guys who appreciate a smart woman! (And counter to what you think, I’m, ummm, imagining that the woman you were “with” was enjoying the entirety of the … uh, package. You know. Everything, coming and going. All your assets.) And quite possibly the way you moved as well. Watching a man walk around naked and at ease is just hot-hottie-hot!

  24. BigLittleWolf says

    Love this! Too funny! (I dyed my hair hot pink in grad school to get a laugh. Just spray on. Nobody laughed! Bunch of stiffs… ) Cute legs. ALWAYS good stuff!

  25. BigLittleWolf says

    If my fucking laptop weren’t fucking crashing every fucking hour (and we won’t mention the fucking stall-game around moving to a dot com) and if I had more than fucking safe mode on this fucking thing (and I think it’s less safe than safe sex which is imaginary sex or LED-lead vicarious literary sex) then I’d say no fucking swearing allowed.

    But then I’m sort of a free-wheeling slap-my-ass Euro-broad (which apparently you are, too) with a very open mind and FUCK if I know if anyone will be offended by non-deletion of expletives and since I believe in full use of all language capabilities (appropriately of course) then I’d say it’s fucking fabulous that you have an ass-grabber no matter what dimensions said cheeks may take and clearly this is appropriate use of aforementioned language.

    That said, ass grabbing leads to other forms of cardio and, uh… be sure to light the way in a welcoming and appreciative fashion… ’tis the season, jolly folly, tra la la, fa la la, and all that jazz.

  26. BigLittleWolf says

    Thrilled to make you giggle! Now go drink something! Be daring – and write it out! (And peek at the holiday book picks in the link on today’s post, over at Tish’s place. The Lemmon is so sexy… )


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