Nifty neighbor, Prez that puckers, Next logical steps

Time for me to lighten up. Ya think!?! And with LEDs at that, apparently. So here are some ticklish tidbits that fit the bill.

Nifty neighbor

I was wandering my local (blogging) neighborhood and stumbled onto this delicious drunken rambling from Momalom, and just had to share it. I needed a laugh last night in a BIG way, and this definitely did the trick. So please read every intoxicating word, then pop back so you can understand why I’m pondering the following: should I reconsider my holiday lighting?

LED holiday lightingObserve this delightful product I discovered while performing a search on LED lights. Not only is it festive (and clearly designed for seasonal cheer), apparently, some engineers find this illuminating source to be multipurpose. I shall now hold my tongue. (With difficulty.) Nonetheless, it is early November. There’s plenty of time to reassess December décor.

Prez that puckers is always an entertaining quick read in the morning. A few headlines en français, imagining my wheat toast as a fresh croissant, and my Italian Roast transformed into café au lait in a bowl, sipped on a Parisian terrace.

Last week, the image below graced French Yahoo’s front page. It is President Sarkozy and his First Lady, Carla Bruni, who is far from the typical political spouse (even for France). She is a musician, a model, and very much her own woman.

Still – you have to smile. Only the French would capture their First Couple in a sexy smooch with a headline that reads “Spice up your love life.” What better advertisement for tourism as the holidays approach?

Prez Sarkozy and his missus show how to spice up your love life courtesy yahoo dot fr

Next logical steps

What happens when you take a woman lit + lighting engineer + sex + French sexy style?

That equation translates as follows: I am resolved to proceed with the necessary research to shed light on a subject of cultural, educational, economic and socio-psychological import. Yes, French sex toys (or jouets adultes), and the remarkable array of products in usage in frankly-franco relationships. Some are objets d’art – truly beautiful works of design. Others are, let’s just say, surprising.  Le canard a favorite upscale French Sex Toy Jouet Sexe

In the meantime, is alcohol not only the secret to a flourishing sex life, but to brilliant wit with words as well?

As a responsible and curious journalist, I have also decided:

  • I will attempt writing tipsy (1 glass of red wine to feel sexy)
  • I will attempt writing 3/4 drunk (2 glasses of same)
  • I promise to schedule aforementioned drinking judiciously (yes, you’ve heard it before, I’m the wheels).

I hasten to add: this is all in the interest of scholarship, readership, writing experience, and possible joint international marketing efforts to ease the global recession (and potentially fill my own depleted coffers).

Now if only I were overseas, then I could combine studies into yet a third: writing drunk + sex toy education. It could be… enlightening. However, you recall my dilemma: sex in France versus proper parenting. For now, the best I can manage are a few transatlantic phone calls. And maybe a little heavy breathing.

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  1. says

    I am totally going to start a blog carnival/contest for drunken posts. Yes. It is GOING.TO.HAPPEN. Oh the wonder of words when you are drunk. They flit together all alone and then we attempt to edit them and then we go to bed and wake up in the morning and and and… uh oh.

    Seriously. I think I might have a participant in you, Wolf. Yes? Okay. It’s settled then. What better time to do this than the holidays, too. My husband bought a bit of pumpkin eggnog at the store the other night. So bring out the Amaretto and the Myers and get jiggy with your laptop. I will set a date and ask you to help me spread the word… and the booze.


    Oh, and I’m totally sending you a prototype because French sex or no sex, who doesn’t need a little LED in their life?

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