Lunch ladies unite! We are not all the same!

I’m going to bust a gut, or the laces on my corset. All women are NOT the same! (Look at Lunch Lady – is she your girl next door? Your neighbor’s wife? Yo mama??) Lunch Lady (my heroine)

If I hear one more time – “all women try to change a man– I’m rounding up my friendly action figures from the other day. And not the brainy ones. The muscle! Led by Lunch Lady! Then I’m marching forward on my personal crusade against lumping “all women” into one Double-D Deliciously Devious category.


Ladies and gentlemen: when it comes to categorizing people – of any age, gender, geographic region, profession, sexual persuasion, ethnicity, height, weight, length, breadth, girth or place of birth – just say no!!

All women do not think alike, any more than all men do!

This business about “all women want to shape a man into what she wants” or “all women want to control the situation” is just… excuse my French… boooulle sheeeet!

Me, myself, and I

The women I know are genuinely seeking a partner. A partner in friendship, for sex, or for amour. Unfortunately, there are piles of pressures in our complex world – on both sides of the gender divide. And that makes finding a good match difficult.

cookie cuttersWhat else?

In land of me, myself, and I – we all think that expecting perfection or thinking “the One” awaits you is oh-so-dangerous if you want to live in the real – not “reality” – world. With a shot-in-hell at happiness, that is.

Do individuals want cookie cutter solutions in their bedrooms? I don’t think so, though cookies shared under the comforter are delightful… 

Give, take, and compromise

  • Ask a guy to shave before making out? Yep. Don’t want my face ripped apart, thanks.
  • Ask me to shave my legs? Sure, except I already do.
  • Ask a man to give up a favorite sport, or change careers, or see his kids less and his pain-in-the-ass mother more? Of course not.
  • On the other hand, request that he smoke less, not drive 100mph, eat more fish, not wear my Jimmy Choos, and not clip his toenails in bed? You betcha!

This is give and take, Ladies and Gentlemen, allowing the other to be the person he or she is, and caring constructively. It’s not that tough, is it?

gemsMaybe if we stopped long enough to focus on individuals, we’d do a better job at seeing the gems around us, as they are – not as we think they are or ought to be.

Toss any group of people into a category and dismiss them? BAD NEWS. And you miss out!

Open your eyes, guys and dolls

We’re not cookie cutter women, gentlemen!

We’re not paper dolls, dads!

We’re flesh and blood – moving, mutable, emoting, imperfect individuals in a constant state of flux.

And you are, too – aren’t you, guys? Or are all you men out there actually beer-swilling jerk-offs looking for DD 26-year olds with little girl voices and no opinions of their own?

© D A Wolf



  1. BigLittleWolf says

    That is one great looking cookie, isn’t it? (You should peek at the “related post” – Action Babe… the Sarah Palin and Lunch Lady action figures alone are worth the visit.)

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